How to write a thesis statement

A thesis statement concentrates and focuses your ideas into two or one sentences.  It presents the topic of your research and make a comment in relation to the topic of discussion. By just reading the thesis statement, the reader should know what the paper is all about. Thesis statement should also guide the writer through the entire process of the paper. It makes the writer stay focused to their main topic of discussion.

There are special tips that can assist a student to produce a valid thesis statement. Some of them are listed below.

  1. TOPIC. The central point should be reflected in the thesis statement. This is the main idea or the key message of your paper. Your subsequent writings should not contradict your thesis statement. The sentence that captures your position on the main idea is what is called the thesis statement.
  2. SIMPLE, SHORT AND CLEAR. The thesis statement should be written in an explicit way. It should not be beyond two sentences. Your work should be organized in such a way that you can briefly state them in one or two sentences.
  3. SPECIFICITY.  Thesis statement should never be too general. The narrower it is, the better for the reader and the writer. It is important for the writer to be specific in the topic that you are researching on. Getting a general thesis statement makes it superficial, shallow and almost invalid.
  4. WRITERS STANDPOINT. The thesis statement does more than one task of announcing the topic. It must give the knowledge of your relation in position to the topic of discussion. Although you should never get too personal, your inclination should be felt by the reader.

Additionally, make sure that your topic of discussion is capturing the attention of the readers. Organize your entire paper in a decent way. By that, your thesis statement will have met professional conditions.

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