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Dissertations writing is an academic assignment that many students especially in their doctoral degree must undergo. A dissertation is a long detailed essay on a specific subject or discipline, mostly written as a prerequisite for the award of a degree for the doctor of philosophy. It requires extensive research on that field or the discipline. Dissertations writing is a tedious task that requires devotion, determination and commitment. Dissertations writing require that the writer has the topic under which the research was conducted.There is a general structure or format which dissertations writing take. A good dissertation should have the following structure.


    • The title page. The importance of the title is that it gives the reader hints on the kind of research that has been conducted. It gives green lights on what is contained in that document
    • Abstract. This is probably the shortest section in dissertation writing, yet very important. Abstract is a brief and clear summary of the dissertation. It should be in a position to be independent and represent the rationale and the implications of the research.
    • Acknowledgments. This is the section where you mention people who have helped you throughout your research.
    • The contents, figures and table lists that shows the structure of the dissertation.
    • The introduction section in which you extend the summary in the abstract and signpost the content of the remaining bit of the dissertation.
    • Literature review with the purpose of showing the awareness and importance of your research work.
    • Chapters describing sources, methods and materials.
    • Results section in which you present your findings in dissertation writing.
    • The discussion section in which you review your research in relation to its context.
    • The conclusion section in which you give a summary of the main points.
    • References section where you give a list of the works cited
    • The appendices section is the last in dissertation writing. It is a table of additional information that is given as the last.



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