The privacy and cookies policy refers to a lawfully recognized document that is meant to regulate the behaviors of both the company and the client as far as the use of websites and other related internet services are concerned. This document legally binds the company and the clients in such a manner that they all have mutual agreements that presents their rights and legal obligations. As one uses the browser to access the website, you give your consent to be legally bound by this document. In case of disagreement with this policy, the request is that you quit the page and make no changes. However there are conditions of the applicability of this document. They are the ones stated below.

  1. The privacy and cookies policy is a special form of agreement in which the two parties are legally bound. The user gives their consent immediately they access the website using their devices.
  2. One enters into the agreement when they give enough/sufficient consent.
  3. You might be told to show your sufficient consent severally on repeated times at the discretion of the company.
  4. The use of the site by the client is declared unlawful and subsequently barred if they don’t give the consent to enter into the agreement.
  5. In case of disagreement, the client is quickly ordered to exit the website and never give orders for the services for any reasons. There are other general provision that the privacy and cookies policy carry with itself. They are the following:


  1. Deliverance of high quality services and products to client is the core aim of the privacy and cookies policy.
  2. The company gets restricted data from the user and gather useful information so as to improve the experience of the client.
  3. When you agree to this policy, you give a clear and direct consent that the supreme and driving aim of collecting details about your access of the website is specified sufficiently and that it is explicit and legitimate. The user is obliged to give the consent that the details that they give are correct in every respect including validity, relevance, adequacy up-to-date, full and sufficient as far as the goal of the privacy and cookies policy is concerned.
  4. All the collected information in the privacy and cookies policy are assumed to be collected in a fair and legal framework.
  5. Although the user submits details by themselves, the privacy and cookies company has the right to independently access your information.



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