Should Be Written In A Way, Without Siting Any Resources. Please Choose One Of The Topics Below For Your Short Essay.

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DUE DATE: JULY 1ST, 2016  Simple 2 Pages  Double Spaced, Paragraph  Times New Roman / 12 pt. font  No Plagiarism  No Grammatical Errors; be careful with the subject-verb agreement and with wording and commas in various places.  Should be written in a way, without siting any resources. Please choose one of the topics below for your short essay. 1. What is the relationship between Gregor and his family in “The Metamorphosis.”? What clues in the story suggest that his relationship with his family, particularly his father, is unsatisfactory? 2. Discuss the central events in each section of “The Metamorphosis.” In what ways do these events suggest that the weakening of Gregor results in the strengthening of the family as a whole? 3. What is the importance of the final scene, the family’s trip to the country? Why is it written so lyrically compared to the rest of the text? 4. What kind of poem is The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock? Is it a dramatic monologue? A monologue? What difference does the distinction make? 5. How is description – especially of the cityscape – used in Prufrock? 6. What sort of person is Prufrock? What does his name suggest about him? What is he afraid of? In what ways is his life trivial or meaningless? 7. Discuss the picture of Russia at the turn of the century that The Cherry Orchard portrays: The landed gentry with their hangers-on and servants, the new merchantdevelopers risen from the serf class, and the ineffectual, verbose student intelligentsia. 8. Contrast the four acts of The Cherry Orchard and the season of the year and time in which they occur. 9. In setting the scenes for The Cherry Orchard, Chekhov kept the cherry orchard out of sight, yet it dominates the stage action. What is threatened and lost – and what is gained – by cutting down the cherry trees? 10. In “Death of Ivan Ilyich,” what is the attitude toward death and dying of the main character, Ivan Ilyich, and of the author, Tolstoy? 11. Trace the main events and changes in Ivan Ilyich’s life. 12. Describe the society implied in “The Death of Ivan Ilyich.” The societal groups you need to describe are the group in the law courts, the family doctors, and the servants. What elements of these groups are representative of the nineteenth century? What elements seem universal?

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