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In my opinion, I think that companies should hire from within, when it’s feasible, because those individuals are familiar with the structure and culture of the organization and are aware of the organizational goals and objectives. Also it is more cost effective to hire from within versus from outside the company due to the cost of advertising the position, orientation, and the training it requires to prepare the individual for the job. What type of information does your organization refer to when determining whether it’s best for them to promote from within or to hire externally and what determinants do they base their decision on?
response to dq 1 week 4 I like the MBO performance evaluation system because it focuses more on results, establishing, and managing goals and because employees have the opportunity to be more involved. With this process, employees have a better understanding of the organizational goals and are more aware of their job responsibilities. This will encourage the individuals to be more motivated to increase their performance and contribution in achieiving the goals and objectives of the organization. There are pros and cons to each of the performance evaluation systems, but what are some of the disadvantages of the MBO process and do you think that the ranking system your company is changing to will be more effective for the organization?


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