. Investigate skills frameworks and develop an awareness of industry certifications relevant to IT professionals.

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Professional IT Culture
Faculty of Science and Technology
Group Oral Presentation Term 1, 2016
Career planning with special attention to skills frameworks and certification.
Assessment weight
15% (30 marks)
Learning Outcomes
This assessment task relates to the following learning outcomes and values stated in the course description:
• K5. Investigate skills frameworks and develop an awareness of industry certifications relevant to IT professionals.
• S1. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the cognitive and practical approaches required to manage IT professionals in collaborative, global work environments.
• S2. Utilise professional presentation and communication approaches in a range of IT workplace settings.
• V1. Appreciate the changing business and technological paradigm in which IT professionals operate.
• V2. Appreciate the global nature of the IT industry.
Group composition
This task requires students to work in groups. The group size should be 3 except where the class size requires one or two groups to be of size 4. Group composition is to be confirmed by the tutor who has the final say.
Each group member should choose ONE of the questions following and research it. The group should allocate different questions for each member. Each group should research on at least one question on skills frameworks and one question on certification. One of the tasks of each group is to integrate the research done by all of its members and to present the result in an oral presentation of 15-minute duration (excluding question time) with each group member contributing roughly equal amount of time. The tutor may vary this duration for an oversized or undersized group. The content of the presentation should be based on research evidence rather than personal opinion. It should assume that the audience is familiar with all course materials and therefore the presentations should skip such materials. Although the focus is on the IT workplace, generic business resources should also prove useful.

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Professional IT Culture
Faculty of Science & Technology
Research questions
1) What advice is available for a new graduate who has been granted an interview regarding an IT position to be filled?
2) What contribution can the SFIA framework make to the implementation of a career plan by an IT professional?
3) Why is a university degree unlikely to be a sufficient certification over the lifetime of an IT professional?
4) Research the advice available in the area of professional networking. (Give some attention to networks that are global in scope.)
The activity of the group should be described in a group report that is to be submitted with the presentation file. The contents of the report should include (not necessarily in the order given here):
• A list of responsibilities of each group member
• A record of each group meeting showing who was present and major decisions taken
• Research summaries of about 500 words, one from each member, containing the response to the question chosen and including appropriate citations (these summaries are expected to be useful in designing the slides to be presented)
• A group conclusion drawing together the research summaries
• Sequence of content in the presentation
• Details of slide template(s)
• Details of collaborative writing/ slide design between group members and/or feedback given to individuals
• A list of special features of the presentation e.g. the inclusion of significant visual items in the slides that provide more detailed information and lead to additional stimulation for the audience, a special focus in the delivery that shows flair
• A single, integrated reference list of all resources used by the group; each member should provide references that include at least one book, one journal and one website article; referencing should use the APA standard as in the university’s General guide to referencing.
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Professional IT Culture
Faculty of Science & Technology
One member of the group should submit the report and presentation file (zipped) in the Assessment section of Moodle.
Refer to the Course Description for information regarding late assignments, extensions, special consideration, and plagiarism. Note that all academic regulations can be accessed via the university’s website especially statutes 5.3 and 6.1, url: http://federation.edu.au/staff/governance/legal/feduni-legislation/feduni-statutes-and-regulations

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Professional IT Culture
Faculty of Science & Technology
Group Oral Presentation – Marking Guide – Term 1, 2016
Name ID Question researched Indiv Group Total Total
(18) (12) (30) (15.0)
A single mark only should be given for each of the 7 criteria, as shown by the maximum marks. Elements specified within each criterion should not be given a separate mark. Only outstanding work gets full marks. Work that is just satisfactory gets half marks only.
Assessment Criteria (Individual mark)
Max 1 2 3 4
Content of Good summary of research related to topic
presentation file Information is accurate, relevant
Provides information at an appropriate level to
maximise audience understanding 6
Presentation Simple language used, good presence
skills Content given orally exceeds that on the slides
Main points emphasised
Engaged whole audience with enthusiasm
Good voice (clarity, variety), good eye-contact
Individual writing Research relevant to the topic
Research applied appropriately
Well-written research summary
Assessment Criteria (Group mark)
Max Group
Preparation of Good sequence of content
presentation Good slide design
Consistent style and structure of slides
Collaboration Evidence of mutual support
Workload shared equitably
Managing Presentation Keeping to time
Managing questions and audience interest
Group Report All required elements included
Well written conclusion
Referencing accurate (APA standard)
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