ENG 315 Week 7 Assignment 2.3 – Justification Report – Part 3 (Final)

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In Assignments 2.1 (Part 1) and 2.2 (Part 2) of the Justification Report, you built up the major parts of your formal, researched justification report (Problem Statement, Overview of Alternatives, Criteria, Methods, Evaluation of Alternatives, Findings and Analysis, and References). You will begin Part 3 by inserting your revisions of Parts 1 and 2 based on your instructor’s suggestions Then, you will include a few new additions:


Use the basic outline below to draft your paper. Organize your responses to each question under the following section headings:


  • Introduction(for Question 1)

◦Problem Statement (for Question 1a)

◦Terminology (for Question 1b)

◦Major Sections of the Report (for Question 1c)

◦Scope and Limitations of the Research (for Question 1d)


  • Preliminary Parts(for Question 2)
  • Recommendation(for Question 3)
  • Addenda(for Question 4)


Write a four (4) page, single-spaced report in which you:


  1. Create an introduction that tells what your report is about.
  2.   Include the Problem Statement that you already created and revised in Part 1.
  3.  Include terms that readers will need to know in order to understand the report.
  4.   Briefly summarize the major sections and findings of the report that you’ve developed in Parts 1 and 2.
  5.  Discuss what your report will cover and what it will not.


  1. Create the preliminary parts of the report that precede the Introduction (after reading Chapter 12 in your Professional Communications textbook), which includes:
  2. Title Page


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