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N2 Simulation Exercise (individual in class assessment)

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2500-3000 words
Student Name: Student ID:
Assessment Type: N2 Simulation Exercise (individual in class assessment)
Assessor’s Name:
Assessment Outcome: ? Satisfactory ? Not Yet Satisfactory
Student Declaration: By submitting this assessment via Moodle, I declare that this is my own work and had not been copied or plagiarised from any other source. Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information.
Assessment Conditions: Each assessment criteria is recorded as either Satisfactory (S) or Not Yet Satisfactory (NYS). A student can only achieve a ‘Satisfactory’ Assessment Outcome for the entire assessment when all assessment Criteria listed below are ‘Satisfactory’. A student who is assessed as ‘Not Yet Satisfactory’ is eligible for re-assessment with their trainer.
All assessment answers must be typed, include this assessment cover sheet and uploaded in ‘WORD’ version to moodle.
Assessment Criteria
Element Performance Criteria S NYS
BSBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence
1. Identify the impact of own emotions on others in the workplace 1.1 Identify own emotional strengths and weaknesses ?
1.2 Identify personal stressors and own emotional states related to the workplace ?
1.3 Develop awareness of own emotional triggers and use this awareness to enable control emotional responses ?
1.4 Model workplace behaviours that demonstrate management of emotions
1.5 Use self-reflection and feedback from others to improve development of own emotional intelligence ?
2. Recognise and appreciate the emotional strengths and weaknesses of others 2.1 Respond to the emotional states of co-workers and assess emotional cues ?
2.2 Identify the range of cultural expressions of emotions and respond appropriately ?
2.3 Demonstrate flexibility and adaptability in dealing with others ?
2.4 Take into account the emotions of others when making decisions ?
3. Promote the development of emotional intelligence in others 3.1 Provide opportunities for others to express their thoughts and feelings ?
3.2 Assist others to understand the effect of their behaviour and emotions on others in the workplace ?
3.3 Encourage the self-management of emotions in others ?
3.4 Encourage others to develop their own emotional intelligence to build productive relationships and maximise workplace outcomes ?
4. Utilise emotional intelligence to maximise team outcomes 4.1 Encourage a positive emotional climate in the workplace
4.2 Use the strengths of workgroup members to achieve workplace outcomes
Element Performance Criteria S NYS
BSBLDR502 Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
1. Manage ideas and information 1.1 Ensure strategies and processes are in place to communicate information associated with the achievement of work responsibilities to all co-workers ?
1.2 Develop and/or implement consultation processes to ensure that employees have the opportunity to contribute to issues related to their work role ?
1.3 Facilitate feedback to employees on outcomes of the consultation processes ?
1.4 Develop and/or implement processes to ensure that issues raised are resolved promptly or referred to relevant personnel
2. Establish systems to develop trust and confidence 2.1 Establish and/or implement policies to ensure that the organisation’s cultural diversity and ethical values are adhered to ?
2.2 Gain and maintain the trust and confidence of colleagues and external contacts through professional conduct ?
2.3 Adjust own interpersonal communication styles to meet the organisation’s cultural diversity and ethical environment and guide and support the work team in their personal adjustment process ?
3. Manage the development and maintenance of networks and relationships 3.1 Use networks to build workplace relationships providing identifiable outcomes for the team and the organisation ?
3.2 Conduct ongoing planning to ensure that effective internal and external workplace relationships are developed and maintained ?
4. Manage difficulties to achieve positive outcomes 4.1 Develop and/or implement strategies to ensure that difficulties in workplace relationships are identified and resolved ?
4.2 Establish processes and systems to ensure that conflict is identified and managed constructively in accordance with the organisation’s policies and procedures ?
4.3 Provide guidance, counselling and support to assist co-workers in resolving their work difficulties ?
4.4 Develop and implement an action plan to address any ?
Element Performance Criteria S NYS
BSBWOR502 Lead and manage team effectiveness
1. Establish team performance plan 1.1 Consult team members to establish a common understanding of team purpose, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities in accordance with organisational goals, plans and objectives ?
1.2 Develop performance plans to establish expected outcomes, outputs, key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals for work team ?
1.3 Support team members in meeting expected performance outcomes ?
2. Develop and facilitate team cohesion 2.1 Develop strategies to ensure team members have input into planning, decision making and operational aspects of work team
2.2 Develop policies and procedures to ensure team members take responsibility for own work and assist others to undertake required roles and responsibilities ?
2.3 Provide feedback to team members to encourage, value and reward individual and team efforts and contributions ?
2.4 Develop processes to ensure that issues, concerns and problems identified by team members are recognised and addressed ?
3. Facilitate teamwork 3.1 Encourage team members and individuals to participate in and to take responsibility for team activities, including communication processes ?
3.2 Support the team in identifying and resolving work performance problems ?
3.3 Ensure own contribution to work team serves as a role model for others and enhances the organisation’s image for all stakeholders ?
4. Liaise with stakeholders 4.1 Establish and maintain open communication processes with all stakeholders ?
4.2 Communicate information from line manager/management to the team ?
4.3 Communicate unresolved issues, concerns and problems raised by team members and follow-up with line manager/management and other relevant stakeholders ?
4.4 Evaluate and take necessary corrective action regarding unresolved issues, concerns and problems raised by internal or external stakeholders
BSBLDR504 Implement diversity in the workplace S
1. Scope workforce diversity 1.1 Establish the nature of diversity in the industry sector, community and workplace
1.2 Qualify and quantify the sources of diversity in the industry sector, community and workplace
1.3 Research and identify the benefits of having a diverse workforce ?
1.4 Identify and analyse legislation, regulation and enterprise policy that impacts on workplace diversity ?
1.5 Research and identify opportunities and barriers to inclusive engagement ?
2. Integrate diversity into workplace operations 2.1 Develop and review workplace policies, procedures and planning in accordance with the scope of diversity
2.2 Establish where diversity integration meets the needs of the enterprise and diverse persons ?
2.3 Review existing policies, plans and procedures to identify areas where diversity can achieve positive impact ?
2.4 Monitor and review workplace processes to guide implementation ?
3. Implement diversity across the workplace 3.1 Consult with management and teams to champion the diversity implementation ?
3.2 Ensure work teams incorporate diversity processes into work activity ?
3.3 Establish and enable enterprise and individual support processes ?
3.4 Provide for training and coaching in diversity implementation ?
3.5 Promote and model inclusive behaviours ?
4. Review and evaluate diversity in the workplace 4.1 Conduct regular reviews of diversity integration with relevant persons ?
4.2 Evaluate workplace diversity against workplace policies, procedures and planning objectives
4.3 Identify and recommended improvements to diversity integration
Instructions: There are 8 Tasks in this assessment that are assigned on a weekly basis. Activates include case study, simulation exercises and direct questioning. You are allowed to use internet, newspapers, textbooks or other resources in completing this assessment. This is an individual assessment and you must complete the tasks in class.
Week 3
Task 1: Describe Daniel Goleman’s ‘Model of Emotional Intelligence’ (5 marks)
Task 2: Personality Based Emotional Intelligence Test (MEIT) (5 marks)
The term Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been given many specific definitions since it gained popularity in the 1980s, but has is generally taken as theorized aspects of intelligence that that are not general intelligence but instead specific to people, such as understanding other peoples perspectives.
The Matrix Based Emotional Intelligence Test MEIT) is a new experimental measure of EI that has the subject make prediction about the structure of people’s personalities that are evaluated against real data.
To complete the MEIT activity follow the below link and undertake the interactive version record your results for submission to your nominated trainer and assessor.
In the MEIT you will be given a personality test item and asked to choose from a group of other personality test items, which would be positively correlated with it. This is a somewhat complicated idea so there is sample test with more explanation you will go through before you reach the main test. The Test should take approximately fifteen (15) minutes to complete.
The use of this assessment is for educational or entertainment purposes only. The outcome is not psychological advice of any kind. Additionally, your responses to this questionnaire will be anonymously saved.
Provide a report of the outcome with your explanation and examples.
Week 4
Task 3: Emotional Intelligence Case Study (5 marks)
Max is a successful financial officer at a New York-based company that recently acquired a banking institution in two southern states. Max will take over the recently acquired southern footprint as the new regional CEO.
The newly acquired banking institution has a long-standing reputation as a friendly institution with traditional values, and it prides itself on its exemplary customer service. The current staff includes diverse workforce from different nationalities and age groups. The employees here has prepared a comprehensive package outlining the banks vision and key customer success stories that demonstrate their commitment to exemplary service and low customer and employee turnover. Due to the acquisition, the employees are scared on losing their old values and work methods.
It is Monday morning and Max has called a meeting at 8 a.m. Max arrives at 7 a.m. and is surprised to find only a couple of employees in the building. Max begins the meeting at 8 a.m. sharp, and the auditorium seats are half-filled. Max is perplexed at the turnout but begins the meeting. -Shareholder value is what its all about. We are the stewards of this organization, and we have a responsibility to the shareholders.-
Silence echoes in Maxs ears. He continues by stating, -I expect total dedication. If you cannot commit to our new vision and strategies then this is not the right place for you. Commitment starts by being on time.- Max motioned to the staff standing next to the auditorium doors to close the doors. -If you cant be here on time, then you cant play in our sandbox.-
Later that afternoon, Max met with the executive team and outlined the strategies, goals, numbers, and deadlines. A meeting was held with senior staff members responsible for reporting progress. Market growth numbers were up, and new business numbers were increasing.
A quarter later Max had the quarterly report results. The region was on target. However, turnover increased 25 percent. Involuntary turnover such as sickness were up by 10 percent. Previous customer numbers were decreasing, and customer complaints were increasing. He reviewed the report with his staff members. When he asked for input, his request was greeted with silence. He sensed an uneasy feeling in the room.
Case Questions:
Q1: What type of emotions are the staff members in the situation? If you were in Mark’s shoes, how would you manage their emotions to promote the development of emotional intelligence in them?
Q2: What do you understand by emotionally effective people and why do management needs these people to attain business objectives?
Q3: What communication approaches from Mark would be suitable for a diverse workforce which has varying cultural expressions of emotion?
Week 5
Task 4: Develop a workplace procedure for any one of the following organisation. Use a minimum of 8 bullet points to write the procedure. (10 marks)
• Returns procedure for a clothing retail store
• Complaints procedure for a internet service provider
• Manual handling procedure for an electronics warehouse
• Recruitment procedure for a bank branch
Name of the procedure:
Week 6
Task 5: Scenario based case studies on ethical values and cultural diversity. (10 marks)
Situation 1: You are invited by a private sector company to join in a corporate -box- at a local National Soccer League arena for a game in the Stanley Cup playoffs. You reflect that the cost of these boxes may average to about $1000 or more per person in the regular season, but often exceed $5,000 in the playoffs because of the food and drinks attached with the tickets. In previous months you watched that some of your co-workers attend those events and dinners.
Key Issue: Personal values and ethical decision making. Understanding the extent of gifts, donations and bribes.
Question: Use your personal opinion to describe what should you do as an employee.
Question: If you were the manager of those employees, how would you ensure that you are implementing ethical values in your organisation?
Situation 2: The annual BBQ of your organisation is a big event for networking and getting to have face-to-face time with one another. Everyone in the team was sure to invite the newest employee, stressing how important and fun the traditional company event was. The new employee is Hindu. She arrives and when it’s time to eat inquires about a vegetarian option? A co-worker responds, “Come on! This is a BBQ, hot dogs and hamburgers! That’s a real BBQ!” She smiles, nods, and stays at the picnic. But you notice she doesn’t eat anything.
Key Issue: Dietary considerations employees based on religion, cultural, health requirements or personal preferences.
Question: You have identified that there is an issue with cultural diversity in your organisation. What is that issue?
Question: As an operational manager of the organisation, what would you do to ensure that you are implementing cultural diversity in your organisation?
Week 7
Task 6: Workplace diversity: Legislation, rules, codes of practices and business policies.
(10 marks)
Q1. Provide an example scenario of direct and indirect discrimination in a same organisation. You can use any one workplace or imaginary workplace to prepare the scenario.
Q2. List five Australian based legislations/laws that are related to workplace diversity of this organisation. Include the legislation year.
Q3.Based on the Q1 and Q2 responses, imagine you are the senior manager of the organisation where the two incidents have occurred. What would you do to ensure that workplace policies and plans are practised for improved workplace diversity that meets legal requirements?
Week 8
Task 7: Case Study: Performance plan and KPIs to improve team performance. (10 marks)
You are a call centre manager in Sydney who manages a team of 24 team members. Your organisation is known for the exceptional service quality and that brings in large organisations as your clients. Your organisation has clients such as banks, telecom providers and supermarkets. Recently the board of directors have agreed for an expansion and wants to merge with another company in Philippines and wants to shift some of the tasks to Philippines. Hearing about that board meeting plans; most employees in the organisation are in fear that they might lose their jobs. The same happened to your team. Productivity has decreased in call rates to 60% from 80% i.e. the staff members are not responding to calls efficiently and within specific time targets. You are aware that your team is the best one among all the teams of the organisation and you are certain the merger will not affect all teams. As a manager of the best service team you may be able to raise a concern to the stakeholders (directors) to fight for their jobs in cases of any uncertainties.
Q1. Develop a brief performance plan for the whole team to resolve the performance and job security issues. Limit your plan within 300 word limit.
Q2. Prepare at least five key performance indicators (KPIs) for your call centre team. You may wish to look into job duties of call-centre staff using internet research.
Q3. What would you do to incorporate input from stakeholders (directors) in regard to ensuring job security of your team?
Task 8: Case Study: Supporting team performance (5 marks)
The researcher Meredith Belbin noticed an occurrence in teams that was subsequently termed the Apollo Syndrome. The Apollo Syndrome is a trend whereby teams of extremely talented and clever individuals under-perform against teams of ‘ordinary’ individuals. In reality, we also find that teams with too many superstars often fail to achieve goals or the desired target. When this phenomenon was looked at in more detail, it was discovered that Apollo team members often undermined each other’s strategies while trying to achieve their own solutions to a group problem. They were essentially working as individuals in competition rather than as a united team pulling together. Experiments such as this made it clear that the intelligence, talent and understanding of the team were not the only factors in its success.
Q1. Why do you think that groups of talented individuals perform less well against those who are less talented?
Q2. Why did individual Apollo team members believe their own goal was the right one to pursue and undermine other team members?
Q3. Provide an example of a team with talented team members failing to achieve the desired goals.
Q4. If you are the supervisor, coach, captain or a manager of that example team that you have mentioned, what type of support and learning would you do to improve team?

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Introduction and Alignment In today’s culture, you are faced daily with news of incredible CEO bonuses, cheating politicians, and citizens engaging in reprehensible behavior without perceived consequence.

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Introduction and Alignment In today’s culture, you are faced daily with news of incredible CEO bonuses, cheating politicians, and citizens engaging in reprehensible behavior without perceived consequence. It can be difcult to determine how you should respond to these messages. This assignment will help you examine some of the best business ethical standards created by secular scholars with what scripture says. Through this assignment, you will learn not only the highest standard the world has created, but you will also compare and contrast that to what God has said. Upon completion of this assignment, you should be able to: Examine the guidelines offered by the world and the Bible for ethical living. Distinguish behavior accepted by those serving the world from behavior by those serving Christ. Resources Bible Textbook: Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership Web Article: Principles for Business be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing and perfect will.” The challenge for you as a student of ethics is that it often appears necessary to meet both the Christian and secular standards, although they may appear to be different. Followers of Christ can be assured that meeting His standard means meeting the highest standard, and any human standard that indicates otherwise is questionable at best. Perhaps the notable effort made by secular scholars to determine a universal code of ethics is the Caux Round Table. Formed from a group of international business leaders and academicians, the Round Table created seven principles for business as an attempt to develop a shared perspective of business behavior that would be acceptable and honored by people from all cultures and background. A number of biblical scholars have attempted to summarize what the Bible has to say about business ethics. One such scholar, Jerry White gives us ve excellent guidelines for conducting our business activities. First, there is the guideline of a “just weight” as found in Deuteronomy 25:13-15. The principle of a just weight is to give a full amount in exchange for a fair payment. Another way to look at it is to give full quality for what is paid for and according to what is advertised. You must accept responsibility for both the quality and the amount of your product or service. As a business owner, do you fairly represent your product or service? As an employee, do you give a full day’s work for a full day’s pay? Remember, as it says in Colossians 3:23, you are working for the Lord and not for men. Second, the Lord demands our “total honesty.” Ephesians 4:25 calls upon you to speak the truth. Jerry White reminds you that “Although you will frequently fail, our intent must be total honesty with our employer, our co-worker, our employees, and our customers” (p. 65). This is a difcult principle to adhere to. James 3:2 says this is where you often fail, but if you can control your tongue, you will be able to control the rest of your body as well. The Living Bible sums it up best in Romans 12:17, which says, “Do things in such a way that everyone can see you are honest clear through.” You must ask yourself: Are you totally honest in reporting your use of time, money, and accomplishments? needs of its customers will determine its success. The business, in turn, is made up of people who must do the serving. The value of the employees is in how well they serve the customer’s needs. This is putting the needs of others before your own and then trusting God to meet your needs in the process. The fourth guideline is “personal responsibility.” You must take full responsibility for your own actions and decisions. You should not try to excuse your actions based on pressure from within your business or organization to do what you know is not right. We all fail at times to do what we know we should do. You must then accept the responsibility for what you have said or done and not try to pass that responsibility on to someone else or try to blame it on some set of circumstances. Romans 12:2 warns us about the danger of allowing the world to shape us into its mold. Finally, there is the issue of “reasonable prots.” This principle is quite a bit harder to get a handle on, but it is still vital to look for guidelines. What is a “reasonable” prot? This is something each person has to deal with on his own. Luke 6:31 is a great help on this. It says that you should treat others the same way you would want to be treated. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and ask yourself how you would want to be treated in a particular situation. To the business person, this is the price of the service or product above cost. To employees, it is the amount of their wages for service to the organization. Luke 3:14 says to be content with our wages, but the Bible also reminds the employer in 1 Timothy 5:18 that the laborer is worthy of his wages. It is all too easy to rationalize your way around many of these principles, but God will hold us accountable in the end. Ultimately it is God whom you serve and to whom you must give an account. White, J. (1978). Honesty, morality & conscience. Colorado Springs, CO: Nav Press. Instructions 1. Read the article Principles for Business at;.

Review the case study below, and answer the questions that are provided. Provide complete and detailed responses

Review the case study below, and answer the questions that are provided. Provide complete and detailed responses to each question. Your paper must be at least three pages in length. The Closing and Relocation of a Call Center In this case study, you are the regional human resource director for a Fortune 500 company. You receive an unexpected visit from your vice president of human resources (VP of HR), who informs you that there is a reorganization taking place within your company. He starts by explaining that the president of the company has decided to retire after 28 years, and the new president has decided to move the current headquarters from the Northeast to Texas. No business reason was provided. There will be almost 1,000 employees redeployed since the company has existed in the Northeast for more than MHR 6451, Human Resource Management Methods 5 75 years. This information will be released to employees within the next week. The call center—with more than 500 employees, including your ofce that is located within it—will also be relocated to another southern state. All employees will be offered their current positions and a relocation package if they wish to move. Those who do not want to relocate will be given a severance package with outplacement services provided.the most productive and efcient call center within this global corporation. Mr. Davis came to get your advice on how to best handle the communications plan for announcing this news in your region. Mr. Davis has taken care of notications to the state and federal government (i.e., the 60- day notice required according to the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notication [WARN] Act, which announces that the business is relocating and that employees will be redeployed). From previous experience, Mr. Davis shares with you that you will be contacted by the state to set up meetings so that the state may address all of the employees concerning the state benets and services available to the employees. Mr. Davis shares two important messages from the new president: (1) Although this news may be unsettling to many employees, business must be conducted in the same professional manner as always, with the least amount of disruption; and (2) whether the employees decide to relocate or not, while they are employed, they must maintain productivity levels, and their metrics will be monitored as usual. Mr. Davis informs you that Mr. Woods, senior vice president (SVP) of the region, who is responsible for the call center, is being told of this reorganization via a conference call with his boss on the West Coast and the president of the company. Mr. Woods will be joining you and Mr. Davis to plan the communications shortly. Mr. Davis wants to get a head start on planning with you because he has a ight scheduled back to headquarters that afternoon. You begin to outline a plan for the communications strategy; for example, you include information that will assist Mr. Woods in preparation for his meeting with his direct reports where he will deliver the news. Other questions you think about during the development of the outline are as follows: What information will Mr. Woods give to his direct reports this afternoon, and what will he give them to share with their managers and employees? Mr. Davis sees yourwith employees. Mr. Davis also asks that you report the following information to him: How many employees do you think will want to relocate? What do they want to know about the new location? What can he do to help answer these questions for the employees? What can he do to assist you with the communication plan or any activities you plan within the next 60-day period? Mr. Davis gives you all of his contact numbers and reminds you that he is available to you for questions and concerns at any time. Analyze the information presented in this case study, present your communication plan, and answer the questions below. Your case study paper should be at least three pages in length and should follow APA guidelines. Your communication plan should address the following questions: What are your concerns? For example, how will you motivate the employees to stay throughout the 60 days if they have other job offers? How will you motivate all employees to maintain their productivity levels? In the article “Semper Fidelis! A Recipe for Leading Others,” which is part of your Required Reading for this unit, Aubrey Daniels describes how a person earns leadership status and explains the importance of positive reinforcement. How will your plan help you to establish yourself as a positive reinforcer? What leadership style does Mr. Davis exhibit? Propose at least three leadership theories that could be applied to this situation. How will these theories advance or affect employee motivation? You are required to incorporate information from at least three sources in the required reading for the unit as well as two additional sources in your response. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations and references. Your paper should be formatted in APA style to

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Final Project IT Proposal For this assignment, you will analyze the roles of information systems in business and create an IT Proposal. Y

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Final Project IT Proposal For this assignment, you will analyze the roles of information systems in business and create an IT Proposal. You will take on the role of an IT manager and apply the methods for developing information systems to address business needs by including aspects from the major elements examined during the course that comprise information systems. As an IT manager, you will have an impact on the technology decisions made by your organization and will often be asked to put together business proposals to provide solutions for the organization, as well as for existing or prospective customers. For this assignment, you will create a proposal for the following scenario. Scenario ABC Corp is a software company with a staff of fewer than 50 employees and a very large client base. The company is currently using an in-house proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) system that is reaching its maximum capacity. Additionally, ABC uses a web portal for their sales team to enter contracts, and a product enhancement database to capture defects and enhancements requested by customers. The systems contain redundant customer data that needs to be centralized. The systems have many silos that have resulted in an inefcient work-ow process for users, missed sales opportunities,Analyze the current information system in place at ABC Corp and its role in the current challenges identied. Describe the challenge(s) presented in the scenario and the impact of the challenge(s) to the organization. Include any potential data security issues that could occur as a result of the current information system. Create an information system for implementation at ABC Corp that will solve the identied challenges. Explain how the proposed information system solution will solve the problems. Support your statements using the textbook and/or other credible sources. Evaluate your proposed system and explain why the proposed solution is the best approach including issues of scalability, streamlining of operations, and cost effectiveness. Support your statements using the textbook and/or other credible sources. Explain how the proposed information system solution will ensure data quality and security. Support your statements using the textbook and/or other credible sources. Distinguish among the hardware components, operating systems, programming languages, programs, and applications your proposed solution will contain. Create a high-level diagram of the major elements that are required for implementing the solution. Evaluate the systems development life cycle (SDLC) process as it relates to your proposed solution, and describe how you would implement it in the development. Determine the approach you will use for implementing your proposed solution, by revising the SDLC diagram you created in Week Four. Include the revised diagram in your proposal. The IT Proposal Requirements Must be eight to ten double-spaced pages (2,400 to 3,000 words) in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style. Must include a separate title page with the following: Must use at least four credible industry sources, in addition to the course text. The post For this assignment, you will analyze the roles of information systems in business and create an IT Proposal. appeared rst on

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In this assignment, assume that you are a health policy analyst in your home s

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In this assignment, assume that you are a health policy analyst in your home state. Complete the following: Select a public health policy topic. Write a policy memo to a public ofcial (i.e., governor, mayor, county commission/executive, etc.) summarizing the topic you have selected. Your policy memo must comprise the following sections: Problem statement. In this section, include an appropriate problem statement. The statement should be a short summary that identies the focus of the issue. Background. In this section, describe the extent and scope of the problem. Specify the reasons for which the problem must receive the attention of policy makers? Summarize what the issue is and why the issue is signicant to population health and health policy. Landscape. In this section, identify and describe the key stakeholders. Consider all political, economic, and social factors that frame the context of the problem. Policy options. In this section, create and provide alternative solutions to the issue selected. Assess the pros and cons of each option. This section should balance out all of the pros and cons to inform the policy client of possible rebuttals, supporters, and opposition to the interest group. Recommendation. In this section, propose one solution (from the list you included in the preceding section) to the problem. Justify your recommendation by comparing it with the other alternatives. By the due date assigned, deliver your assignment to the Submissions Area. Assignment ComponentsMaximum PointsCreate an appropriate problem statement identifying the focus of the health policy topic chosen and the policy client this memo will address. CO: 1,2,3,4,6 PO: 1,1a,1b, 2,4a,4b,5b, 6 ILO:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 616 Summarize what the issue is and why the issue is signicant to population health and health policy. CO: 2,3,4 PO: 1, 1a, 4a, 4b, 5b, 6 ILO:1, 2, 3, 5, 632 Identify the key stakeholders while considering all political, economic, and social factors that frame the context of the problem. CO: 1, 2, 5, 6 PO: 1,1a, 1b, 2, 4b, 6 ILO:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 32 Create alternative policy solutions to the problem selected. CO: 2,4 PO: 1, 1a, 4b, 5b ILO:1, 2, 3, 5, 6 64 Assess the pros and cons of each option to inform the policy client of possible rebuttals, supporters, and interest group opposition. CO: 2,4, 5 PO: 1, 1a, 1b, 4b, 5b ILO:1, 2, 3, 5, 6 32 Propose one solution to the problem. CO: 1,2,4 PO: 1, 1a, 4b, 5b ILO:1, 2, 3, 5, 6 32Academic Writing Write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources (i.e. APA); and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. CO_W PO: 3.a, 3.b, 6.a ILO: 2 72Total:300

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Scenario 5: Cultural Event Management (2 day festival)

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Scenario 5:  Cultural Event Management (2 day festival)

It is planned to run a large scale cultural festival that will totally occupy the Beach at JBR. This space will be fenced off and unavailable to the general public for other activities for the full weekend. The event is likely to attract more people than the available capacity.  It is envisaged that the event will attract an international audience.


Dubai Holding, developer of JBR has put together a team of stakeholders including residents, local businesses, environmentalists, event management companies etc to determine possible impacts of the event.  Your report will be submitted to Dubai Holding.


Identify who the stakeholders of this project would be. Each student will think from one stakeholder’s point of view. This will require gathering information on JBR, types of cultural events that can be organised etc from the internet and other sources.


The social impact of this project may include impact on the environment, residents, local businesses, traffic, police, security etc


Your team needs to prepare a short survey to gauge community concerns and attitudes. This will be completed in class and added to your report.


Research could include studies of the Glastonbury Festival or other major cultural events and its impact on local communities, traffic etc.










Talk only about traffic and introduction about the product total  1300 worlds


Introduction- Group

1.1   Introduction traffic

1.2   Literature Review

1.3   Discussions

1.4   Recommendations

1.5   Conclusion

1.6   References

Statistics and tables

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BIZ101: Business Communications

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  • PS: The topic to research is:   “Using an internal intranet/social Intranet for employee interaction”











Subject Code and Title BIZ101: Business Communications
Assessment Digital Resources Analysis
Individual/Group Individual
Length 800 words (+/- 10%)
Learning Outcomes This assessment address the following subject learning outcomes:a)            Demonstrate academic skills appropriate to the level of study.

b)            Demonstrate research skills and referencing appropriate to the level of study.

c)             Critically analyse texts and/or multi- modal material in both a business and academic context.

Submission By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday of Module 3 (Week 5)
Weighting 25%
Total Marks 100 marks





The assessment task requires you to search and locate five (5) sources in total that will be useful for completing your proposal and report for Assessment 2a and 2b.


At least three resources must be from reliable academic sources, such as articles or academic journals. The other sources can come from media sites, books, magazines, websites, YouTube and Tedtalks.


  • These resources must relate to your topic “Using an internal intranet/social Intranet for employee interaction”

, which is on implementing a digital communication strategy within an organsiation. Therefore, it is important that you have thought about what type of strategy you wish to focus on before you start your research. If you are doing this in a group you must all agree on the topic, but the research is conducted individually.



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Topic to research:


  • Using an internal intranet/social Intranet for employee interaction




In this assessment, you must critically analyse each resource and justify why it would be of use to your assignment on identifying a communication strategy within an organsiation.


In a word or excel document please provide the following:-


  1. Name of the resource (i.e. Communicating in the 21st Century)
  2. Type of resource (i.e. website, article, video)
  3. a) Write a brief summary on each of your resources justifying why you think they will be beneficial to your report.
  4. b) Ensure you apply the five (5) Reliability test to each source.

(800 words in total for a) and b) +/- 10%).

  1. Provide a full reference for each resource including a link following the APA referencing style.



Submitting Your Assessment


  1. Check your originality by uploading your commentary to Turnitin.
  2. When the Turnitin result is less than 20%, submit your assignment through the Assessment submission area.






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Learning Rubric


Assessment Attributes Fail(Unacceptable)




Credit (Proficient) 




High Distinction(Exceptional)


Research 40 Demonstrates inconsistent use of good quality, credible and relevant research sources to support and develop topic idea. 


Demonstrates consistent use of credible and relevant research sources to support and develop topic idea, but these are not always explicit or well developed. 


Demonstrates consistent use of high quality, credible and relevant research sources to support and develop topic ideas. 


Consistently demonstrates expert use of good quality, credible and relevant research sources to support and develop appropriate arguments and statements. Shows evidence of research and reading beyond the assessment expectations. Demonstrates expert use of high quality, credible and relevant research sources that will support and develop arguments. Shows extensive evidence of research and reading well beyond the assessment expectations.
Summarising resources35 Limited understanding of topic researched and information presented does not show any evidence of evaluation and analysis of the resources. 

Summary is poorly written with consistent grammatical errors

Information iscommunicated clearly with sufficient evidence of understanding of the researched sources, and information presented shows a fair attempt of providing evidence of evaluation and analysis of the resources.


Summary has minimal grammatical errors.

Information is clearly communicated, and there is a good level of evidence in understanding the researched sources. 

Information presented shows a good level of evaluation and analysis of the resources.


Summary has no grammatical errors.

Information is consistently communicated, and there isa high level of

demonstrated evidence in understanding the researched sources.


Information presented shows a high level of evaluation and analysis of the resources.


Summary has no grammatical errors.

Information is consistently communicated, and there is expert use of demonstrated evidence of understanding the researched sources. 

Information presented shows an expert evaluation

and analysis of the resources with some critical thinking applied.


Summary has no grammatical errors.




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Assessment Attributes Fail(Unacceptable)




Credit (Proficient) (65-74%) Distinction(Advanced)


High Distinction(Exceptional)


Referencing andReliability test 25 The five reliability tests have not been applied to the resources. 

There are consistent mistakes in using the APA style for referencing.


The five reliability tests have been applied to the resources with some explanation. 

There are minimal mistakes in using the APA style for referencing.

A fair explanation for each of the five reliability tests have been applied to resources. 

There are no mistakes in using the APA style for referencing.

A good level of explanationfor each of the five reliability tests have been applied to resources.


There are no mistakes in using the APA style for referencing.

An expert level of explanation for each of the five reliability tests have been applied to resources. 

There are no mistakes in using the APA style for referencing.



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Plan Social media Performance objective

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Task 1: Plan Social media
Performance objective
The candidate is required to plan a draft for a post for social media for DAWG, a specialty dog boutique franchise operation. The plan for the draft will document a task analysis, generating ideas, researching and planning an outline.
Assessment description
For this assessment task, plan your post, gather planning materials including a written plan/outline of your proposed draft, and meet with your assessor to answer questions in relation to writing task analysis, planning and organisational requirements.
This assessment task, once completed, will form a first step towards completing Assessment Task 2, in which you will follow your Assessment Task 1 plan, write the draft, edit the draft and produce a final document.
1. Read the DAWG Case Study.
2. Analyse, generate ideas, research and plan an outline for the writing task scenario in the assessment description.
3. Produce a plan that includes:
a. PAMS analysis: Purpose, Audience, Message, Style.
b. brainstorming activities
c. mind mapping
d. outline.
4. The plan should include the following information on your planning process:
• Look at your PAMS analysis. What is the purpose of the writing task and how will you achieve this?
• Explain how your plan/outline shows an overview of the structure and contents of the social media post
• How does this content relate to the social media audience?
5. Submit planning documentation to your assessor in accordance with the specifications below.
Your assessor will be looking for: ability to logically plan complex documents with regard to audience, structure and sequence of ideas or topics
ability to interact with people in a workplace environment using interpersonal skills:
? collaborating, negotiating and listening to others
? appropriate and professional tone
? appropriate vocabulary
? appropriate body language
evidence of appropriate use of technology to develop forms and conduct research.

DAWG is a pet business that was started on the central coast of NSW in 1996 by dog breeding duo, Marilyn and Daniel Bloom. The couples enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of dogs and dog breeding helped them to build a strong enough brand and customer base to initially thrive on the coast and then to carefully expand, first into the Sydney metro region and then interstate.
DAWG is not your ordinary pet shop. It specialises in dogs.
DAWG offers its own brands of dog food mixes with supplements that dog breeders use to keep the pets in peak condition. They also feature DAWG SALONS where pet pooches are pampered and groomed with special
DAWG brand shampoos as well as DAWG BOUTIQUES
featuring creatively inspired coats for dogs of all breeds and sizes. DAWG also offers walking/dog-sitting services and works with local pet resorts for longer stays.
DAWG expands
By 2010 there were 15 DAWG shops across Australia. By 2015 the Blooms decided to offer franchises of the business complete with site, shop set up, signage and systems. It took off and the franchise business grew to 40 shops scattered across the nation.
As the business grew and the franchises were taken up, it became apparent that the marketing communications strategy needed to be evaluated, as it was out dated in its media choices.
DAWG marketing audit
DAWG undertook an audit of their current marketing strategy, plans and promotions and discovered a number of things including:
• The market situation had changed and the competition had evolved
• The target market characteristics had segmented further with urban expansion
• The digital space and media preferences of their market had evolved
• The organisational requirements had become more complicated due to the franchising
DAWG target market definition
Like many
grown small business
founders, Marilyn and
Daniel initially felt that they understood their target market well. In the
beginning, on the coast, the profile was:
• Male/female/couples
• No kids
• Combined income of circa $K150
• Age range of 19 to 36
• Fit and active
• Moderately fashion and trend conscious
• Moderately socially and environmentally conscious
• Sensitive to peer influences
• Watch free to air TV/Pay TV
• Moderately sensitive to service quality
Working for the city
As the business expanded into different and predominantly urban regions, what started out as coastal dwelling dog/pet aficionados who might or might not have kids and who lived in houses with backyards, changed to include inner city dwellers living in apartments and flats. Dogs to this market were often child substitutes who were not just pets but much loved companions who didn’t need schooling and expensive child care and were quite comfortable in a one-bedroom apartment as long as they were well fed and exercised regularly. In the city, smaller breeds were favoured so the DAWG shops stocked little dog coats for little breeds.
The DAWG brand food range remained unchanged, as did the DAWG Salons and services.
This market was growing as the cost of houses was now almost out of the reach of new homebuyers. There were also many new apartment complexes being developed right across the city.
This was the way many people would be living now and in the future.
DAWG strategic objectives for marketing initiatives.
Marilyn and Daniel’s initial marketing was driven by gut feeling and knowledge of their target market. Because of this, they formulated four major objectives:
1. To firmly position DAWG as a truly unique purveyor of dog products and services.
2. To re-launch DAWG to the early adopters, technology literate digital device generation
3. To develop a bolt on integrated marketing communication campaign for franchisees
4. To generate sales of $6,000,000.00 by end of 2018
DAWG online
DAWG has recently added an e commerce online shop to the website to allow purchasing and delivery functionality for their branded products. This has not been sufficiently promoted and is causing some frustration to franchisees who prefer in store sales and don’t want to lose their customer base to online sales. A process of customer/franchisee sales identification has as yet been undeveloped.
DAWG positioning statement refresh
Back in the beginning, Marilyn and Daniel developed the brand positioning statement ‘everything for the pet set’ as a play-on-words around the jet set. It was fun and playful and they thought, conveyed just how special dogs were to their owners. They also thought that it highlighted the unique personalities that these animals had and the special place they occupied in their owners hearts.
But these days, the notion of international travellers had changed from high-flying members of an exclusive club to global commuters enjoying pared down services on often discount carriers.
Maybe it was time to re think and re launch the brand with something new.
DAWG marketing promotions
DAWG’s marketing promotions program is simplistic, out of date and not yet integrated. The promotions are limited and predominately traditional. They don’t take into account the rise of social media and social media platforms.
Promotional activities Frequency Budget allocation
In store posters Quarterly $250,000
In store promotions Monthly $300,000
Press ads (local papers) Monthly $150,000
Product catalogues (printed and online pdf’s) Annually $250,000
Website content Static $50,000
Total spend $1,000,000
DAWG promotional budget
The global budget is currently $1,000,000.00 with franchisees expected to allocate $25,000.00 to their marketing spend. It has been identified that the current budget is insufficient and would need to be increased to around $2,000,000 across the promotional spend.
Franchisees will in turn increase their allocation accordingly but will also expect some return on investment.
Bringing in the specialists
The directors, in consultation with their stakeholders (including suppliers, staff and franchisees) have decided to contract a specialist, integrated agency to re-develop the creative, and plan a new integrated campaign for DAWG including developing a social media strategy.
DAWG owners love being social
After a successful pitch involving a number of agencies, your team was chosen to develop a social media strategy, plan the implementation and start developing content.
The team has spent time with DAWG management and some of the franchisees (as they will be part of the social media,) to identify some stories that will form part of the content.
The stories are around events (dog shows and competitions,) canine health, eating habits, rescue pets and some feel good stories.
The focus is that DAWG is not for your pet … it’s for your best friend.

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WeVN 00( No.,,q es-cy ack6k-Ne essM scakko to le o IOU

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WeVN 00( No.,,q es-cy ack6k-Ne essM scakko to le o IOU
TO CREATIVE THINKING Assessment 1: Essay
Firstly, Firstlys
should survey current views of creative thinking and creative thinking y techniques,that presenting a summary of those at you believe are useful, accurately acknowledging your sources.
Secondly, you should give a personal assessment of your ability to think creatively, using past experience, current examples or results of quizzes you have taken in class or elsewhere, to support your self-analysis.
Begin work on your essay early and use the class weekly PPTs (source material and videos) and the essay scaffold to help you.
Weighting: 20%
RCE’Dt670N DA’ • 1 IA
Due: The beginning of class Week 5.
Lira its of €-tre essay due for review in class Week 4.
Submission: There are 2 parts to successful submission
1. Uploading FINAL version only to turnitin midnight before your class
2. Handing a hard copy to your teacher at the beginning of class. Word count: 900 (+1- 10%)
Grading criteria
Assessment 1 Criteria
Show ability to locate, critically analyse and evaluate information. Show ability to present information in a clear and coherent structure with
examples to support conclusions.
Demonstrate depth of reflective writing, showing originality and independent thinking.
Demonstrate ability to write in coherent and grammatically correct English,
with correct writing style
Demonstrate ability to use correct referencing.

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Legal and Professional Issues

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1. Set out the assignment in report format;
2. Include an introduction and conclusion to their work;
3. Interpret and exam ALL the issues that occurred for the patient Mr Symes throughout his admission, with particular emphasis to be given to the legal and ethical issue
4. Use headings to break-up main points of discussion (put each ‘issue’ identified in the case study as a heading);
5. Support their argument with references to contemporary, scholarly literature obtained through the library databases (not websites);
6. Include reference to Hong Kong-specific nursing codes, policies and documents in their report. 

  1. Assessment task 3
Assessment 3 Case Study (2500 words)
Task DescriptionEthical : The surgeon didn’t review his/her patient after the procedure.

Ethical: Nurse did not call for help in busy situation.

Ethical: The nurse did not deal with those distressed patients.

Legal: Improper and inadequate documentation.

Legal: No proper documentation on medication chart.

Ethical: No evidence of analgesia administrated.

Legal: No proper documentation on patient’s notes.

Ethical: No given full information on shift handover.

Legal: Patient may have early treatment if problem can be early identify. It might charged with negligence.

The aim of this assignment is to identify and examine the role of the Registered Nurse (RN Prior) in the case study below. Students are to identify all the key events that occurred throughout the patient’s admission. Particular emphasis is to be placed on the legal and ethical nursing practice roles and responsibilities.Mr Rory Symes is a 64 year-old man who underwent a laparoscopic cholecystectomy in a large metropolitan hospital on the morning of 21 May 2017. Mr Symes was transferred to the Extended Day Only Unit (EDOU) at 1430 hours following the procedure. Mr Symes was to stay in the EDOU overnight with discharge planned for the following morning (22 May 2017).

A Medical Officer (MO) assessed Mr Symes at 1630 hours on 21 May due the patient reporting abdominal pain and distension. Mr Symes’ distended abdomen and pain levels were documented in the patient’s medical record by the MO and a phone call was made to report this information to the surgeon who performed the procedure. Analgesia was prescribed (10mg morphine subcutaneously) at 1715 hours to be given PRN 6 hourly in response to the patient’s reports of pain.

Ms Carol Prior was the RN working on the 12-bed EDOU with another RN on 21 May. RN Prior had been registered as a nurse for five years. As per hospital policy, RN Prior and one other RN were the only two staff members rostered to the unit on night-shift that commenced at 2245 hours.

The EDOU was at capacity on the night of 21 May. Two of the other male patients admitted to the unit were distressed; one was continuously vomiting post-appendectomy and the other was experiencing urinary retention following a Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP).

There was also a female patient admitted to the unit who was very upset at being placed in a room with male patients due to her religious beliefs. This patient, who had very limited English language skills, was continually wailing and expressing anger over the fact that hospital management had not resolved this issue as promised to the patient and her husband on the afternoon shift.

At 0210 hours on 22 May 2017, RN Prior documented the following in Mr Symes health record:

‘Temp 38.9, P 126, Resp Rate 16 and BP 110/72 (approx)’

These were the only observations documented during the night- shift. There was no evidence of analgesia administration documented on Mr Symes’ medication chart by the time day-shift staff commenced work.

The day-shift RN for 22 May did report that RN Prior had verbally stated that she had been “extremely busy” all shift and had not finished her “notes” by the time handover occurred.

At 0630 hours on 22 May 2017, Mr Symes’ temperature was recorded by the day-shift RN as being 39 degrees, heart rate 140bpm and blood pressure 80/46mmHg. He was experiencing acute abdominal rebound tenderness and reported that his pain levels had rapidly increased throughout the early morning. Mr Symes was ultimately returned to theatre where a perforated bowel was identified and successfully repaired.

Students are to:

l   Set out the assignment in report format;

l   Include an introduction and conclusion to their work;

l   Interpret and exam ALL the issues that occurred for the patient Mr Symes throughout his admission, with particular emphasis to be given to the legal and ethical issues;

l   Use headings to break-up main points of discussion (put each ‘issue’ identified in the case study as a heading);

l   Support their argument with references to contemporary, scholarly literature obtained through the library databases (not websites);

l   Include reference to Hong Kong-specific nursing codes, policies and documents in their report.


Please review the marking guide below to see how marks are allocated for this assessment.

Assessment Due Date 20th November 2017 23:55 hours
Weighting 50%
Assessment Criteria Your assignment will be evaluated on the following assessment criteria:Content – 80%

Referencing & formatting – 20%

Referencing Style Author – Date (Harvard) A summary of the Harvard system can be accessed in the online guide on the Library website at:

Legal and Professional Issue


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