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RAPID FINANCE Pty Ltd Has A Balance Sheet As Follows:

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COMMLAW 3501 (104969)
Tutorial Questions – Tax Entity Issues
Question 1:
RAPID FINANCE Pty Ltd has a Balance Sheet as follows:
Paid-up capital 10,000
Capital Gain 60,000
Capital Loss (20,000) 40,000
Cash on Hand 50,000
Advise, using the principle from the Archer Brothers case, how the liquidator could best distribute the available assets of the company to minimise the tax payable by the shareholders.
Question 2:
Dax Pty Ltd (an Australian resident private company) makes an interest free loan of $120,000 to it shareholder on 30 June 2017. The loan remains outstanding at the time the company’s 2017 tax return is due to be lodged.
Dax Pty Ltd’s Balance Sheet for the Year Ended 30 June 2017 shows the following:
Assets Liabilities
Cash $220,000 Equity
Loan to Shareholder $120,000 Capital $230,000
Retained earnings $110,000
Total Assets $340,000 Total Equity $340,000
Do any Division 7A issues arise in respect of this loan?
Question 3:
Dodgy Brothers Pty Ltd is a beneficiary of the Dodgy Brothers Trust along with Arthur and Wayne Dodgy. Each has a fixed entitlement to 1/3rd of the net income of the trust.
For the income year ended 30 June 2017, the Dodgy Brothers Trust had net income of $270,000. The Trustee of the Dodgy Brothers Trust did not pay the $90,000 entitlement to Dodgy Brothers Pty Ltd but rather the trustee decided to loan $60,000 to each of Arthur and Wayne Dodgy directly. This is in addition to the $90,000 trust distribution made to each of Arthur and Wayne out of their present entitlement.
Arthur and Wayne are the only 2 shareholders of Dodgy Brothers Pty Ltd.
The distributable surplus in Dodgy Brothers Pty Ltd for the year ended 30 June 2017 is $100,000.
Do any Division 7A issues arise from this loan by the Dodgy Brothers Trust?
Question 4:
Copy Cats Pty Ltd is a resident private company that was incorporated on 1 July 2012. From 1 July 2012 until 30 June 2016, it conducted a trucking business (freight operation).
During this time, the company’s trading results were as follows:
• $50,000 profit for the year ended 30 June 2013;
• $40,000 profit for the year ended 30 June 2014;
• $30,000 loss for the year ended 30 June 2015; and
• $15,000 loss for the year ended 30 June 2016.
In July 2016, the company discontinued its trucking business, restructured and acquired a public hotel in the country. The company’s shareholdings of ordinary shares at the close of each financial year were:
Shareholders 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
$ $ $ $ $
A 50 50 50 50 50
B 150 150 200 200 200
C – – – 100 100
D – – – – 160
$200 $200 $250 $350 $510
In the year ended 30 June 2017, the company reported taxable income of $85,000.

Can Copy Cats Pty Ltd claim a deduction for any of its prior year losses in the year ended 30 June 2017?
Question 5:
BigCo has a market value of $80,000 and a carry forward loss of $20,000 (from a prior year). BigCo owns 100% of the issued shares in LittleCo and 100% of the issued shares in SmallCo.
LittleCo has a market value of $20,000 and losses of $6,000 and SmallCo has a market value of $20,000 and losses of $1,000.
Before any adjustment for prior year losses, BigCo has a taxable income of $30,000 in 2017.
If Big Co forms a consolidated group with LittleCo and SmallCo in the 2017 income tax year what is BigCo’s taxable income in 2017 after consolidation?
Question 6:
Delta Company issued 8- year convertible notes for $8.50 each. The notes have a coupon interest payable of 12% and repayment is not subject to any contingency and so payment cannot be deferred under any circumstances.
The ordinary shares of Delta Co were valued at $3 on the issue date. Delta Co used the proceeds of the note issue to satisfy working capital requirements of its business.
Are the payments on the notes deductible for tax purposes? Explain.
Question 7:
The Greenfields Trust has had the same trustee for many years (Bob Green) and it is mainly a discretionary trust, but not a family trust, except that Bob Green holds a 20% fixed interest in the income and capital of the trust.
The trust has always had net income every year since it was established except in 2016 when a loss of $30,000 was realised.
Bob advises that the income distributions made by the trust since 2014 and
proposed for 2017 are shown below.
YE 30 June 2014 30 June 2015 30 June 2017
Bob 20% 20% 20%
(from fixed portion)
Gary 30% 5% 15%
Heather 20% 5% 65%
James 15% 40% 15%
Eric 15% 20% 0%
Bob wants to know whether the Greenfields Trust can utilise the $30,000 loss from the 2016 year in the 2017 year when the trust (before applying this loss) has $80,000 in net income. Please advise Bob.

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Assignment Specification In This Assignment, Youneed To Perform The Followingtasks For The Given Case Study:

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Assessment item 1—Assignment 1
Due date: Fridayof Week 5(April 7, 2017 – 11:45 pm)
Weighting: 30%
Length: N/A
• To develop a conceptual data model diagram
• To perform logical design
Assignment Specification
In this assignment, youneed to perform the followingtasks for the given case study:
• Draw an Entity Relationship (ER) diagram
• Perform logical design
• Create3NF Relations
Case Study
Many medical specialists offer their medical consultations and perform special medical procedures to the patients at CQ Specialist Medical Center (hereafter called as CQMC). Patients generally book their appointments through a telephone call or by personal visits to the center. Sometimes, the General Medical Practitioners (GPs) contactCQMC directly on behalf of their patients for the specialist appointments.
The patient details, such as name, gender, etc., are collected and stored at CQMC. Since the name of the patient is not going to be unique, each patient is identified by a unique patient ID. The details of patient’s medical history (past surgeries undertaken), details of current medications (medicines and dosages) and other medication-allergies, if any, have to be maintained by CQMC. The referral letter from a GP is not a requirement at the time of booking for an appointment with the specialist but it is compulsory at the time of actual patient’s consultation. Just prior to the consultation, CQMC collects the referral letter from the patient and notes down the details of date of referral and the GP (identified by unique Medical Provider Number) who issued that referral letter. Based on the necessity, the same GP may refer the same patient to the same specialist many times over a period of time. During the consultation, a specialist may conduct various medical tests and procedures on the patient; may prescribe multiple prescriptions to the patient. After each appointment, the name of the standard tests and procedures performed along with the medical prescription details are stored and maintained by CQMC.
The following table provides the details of consultation and other charges applicable for the specialist’s appointments. The charges can be assumed to be constant values.
Type Fees/Charges
Consultation $120
Biopsy $75
Excision $175
Laser $250
After each appointment, the patient pays the entire appointment charges to CQMC. Each appointment charges include the consultation fees and additionally may include multiple other charges from the above table. Sometimes, some specialists offer discount amount to some appointments on special grounds such as Pensioner, Veteran etc.,
Some GPs and patients often would like to know the details of qualifications and number of years of experience of the specialists. Hence, CQMC maintains and updates those details periodically. You may note that a medical specialist may have multiple qualifications.
The attributes of the possible entities have not been mentioned clearly. Hence, you need to assume at least three and at most seven relevant attributes for each of the entities that you will identify for your ER diagram.
Assignment Requirements
In this assignment,you need to create an Entity Relationship (ER) diagram relevant to the above case study and perform logical design to produce appropriate3NF Relations.
The attributes for various entities have not been purposely described in the case study so that the students are encouraged to further research and list the pertinent attributes in addition to the required identifier for each and every entity in their ERD.
1 Draw an appropriate ER diagram
Use the symbols as prescribed in your unit-textbook to draw the ER diagram (ERD) for the above case study.
Your ERDmust
• show all necessary entities, attributes andrelationships
• show identifiers/identifying attributes as necessary
• show multi-valued attributes, ifany
• show participation andcardinality
• show associative entities, ifappropriate
• show weak entities, if any
• use the notation described in the settext
• use consistent and appropriate naming for entities and attributes as specified in the unit text book
Some business rules or other aspects of the case study may not be clear to you when you read the case study. If this is the case then you should either approach your lecturer or tutor for clarification, or you may simply make assumptions and then develop your ERD accordingly. For Example, the case study might not mention all relevant participation information(also called minimum cardinality).if so, you make an assumption about what the minimum cardinalities might reasonably be, and then show them in your ERD accordingly. You should justify each assumptions in terms of business, for Example, It is assumed that each customer must have atleast one order because it is assume that the business does not record customer details until the customer places an order.
To get yourself started, ask yourself.”If I were running this business, what things I need to keep a list of?” write those things down. For each thing. What information would you need to record about it?” how can it be identified? The answers to these questions will help you to develop your ERD.
2 Assumptions and Business rules
Provide assumptions and business rules relevant to your ERD.
3 Create Logical Design:
Map your Entity Relationship diagram (ERD) into relations and make sure that all the relations are in 3NF. Provide all the relationsin the following format:
Customer (CustomerId,customerName,Street,Suburb,State,PostCode,Email)
Invoice (InvoiceNumber,invoiceDate, Total, CustomerId)
How and what to submit:
You must make an electronic submission for this assignment using the appropriate assignment submission link in the unit web site.
You should submit a Microsoft Word documentcontaining:
• A copy of your ERD.
• A list of business rules and assumptions including theirjustifications.
• 3NF Relations
Yourdocumentshouldcontainappropriateidentifyinginformation(yourstudentnumber,name,unit number, etc.) and should contain appropriate headings for eachsection.
Important points
• You must work individually on this assignment.
• The model solution on this assignment will be released approximately TWO weeks after the due date.
• Assignments that are submitted after the release of the model solution will receivezero marks.
• You must state in your assignment(at the end under the heading Acknowledges is a good place)all materials and sources you used. This may be as simple as ‘This assignment was completed using only the COIT20247unit materials’ to mention that you have used only the items provided by the unit COIT20247.
• Before submitting your assignment,review themarking criteria that are available in the assignment specification.Ensure that all the criteria readdressed in your submission.
• After submitting your assignment, please verify that your submission was successful,i.e. download your submitted files to ensure that they are correct.
• Penalty related to late submission and plagiarism is handled as per the university policies.

Marking Criteria:
Item Maximum Marks
1 Entities have been identified, named and drawn correctly including super type and sub type entities; associative entities; weak entities (if any). 5
2 Provided appropriate attributes for all the entities. 5
3 Provided identifiers for the required entities 2
4 Drawn correct relationships between entities and named them appropriately. 3
5 Used proper symbols and shown min and max cardinalities for the relationships. Appropriate symbols have been used for super type and sub type relationships (if any) 5
6 Provided appropriate justification for assumptions and business rules. 3
7 Created correct 3NF Relations 5
8 Primary keys and foreign keys have been shown in relations correctly including foreign key references. 2
Penalty due to plagiarism/copying
Late Penalty: Less 5% of available marks per calendar day.
Total 30

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Question Bob Broke Runs A Company Which Manufactures And Sells Computer Equipment. He Relates The Following Set Of Facts To You:

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Bob Broke runs a company which manufactures and sells computer equipment. He relates the following set of facts to you:

On 1 January Bob receives an email from Mike Jones which reads: “I offer to purchase 30 Toshiba Satellite laptops for $ 300 each, inclusive of GST, delivery and insurance”. In response, on 2 January Bob sent an email to Mike saying “I accept your offer, but the price would have to be $ 300 plus GST. On 3 January Mike sends an email back saying “No, I can’t agree to that”. On 5 January Bob then sends an email saying “OK, I accept your offer of 1 January”, however when he sends the computers to Mike with an invoice for $ 9 000, Mike sends the computers back and refuses to pay for them, saying that he has purchased computers elsewhere.

On 10 January, Bob sends a letter to Tom stating “Please send me 200 Pentium 5 hard-drives at $ 50 each”. On 12 January Tom puts a letter into the post stating “OK – I will deliver the hard-drives before the end of the month. Bob subsequently finds that he no longer needs the hard drives, and on 14 January sends Tom an email saying “Please cancel my order of 10 January”. Tom’s letter reaches Bob on 15 January, and the hard-drives are delivered a few days later with an invoice for $ 10 000, which Bob refuses to pay.

Steve has done favours for Bob, such as looking after Bob’s cat when he (Bob) went on holiday. On 1 February, Steve says to Bob “I need a new computer for my travel agency”. Bob says “OK, because you looked after my cat, I’ll give you a new computer”. Bob then changes his mind and says to Steve: “Sorry, mate, trading has been bad these last few weeks – I just can’t afford to give you the computers”.

Bob is thinking of buying a delivery van. He has been in negotiations with Capital Motors, whose sales manager is Mary. One Monday morning he sees a form sent by Mary in which she offers to sell him a Toyota Hilux 3000 automatic with airconditioning for $ 33 000. The top sheet of the form contains a line which says “I agree to the purchase of this vehicle as specified in this document” and with a space for a signature and date. Bob sets the document aside on his desk, and it soon gets mixed up with piles of other paperwork. Later during the day, he signs the form, thinking that it was the front page of another contract he had been sent by a supplier of microchips. He gives it to his office manager, Tim, and says “Send this by fax”. A few days later he receives a call from Mary asking him when he will pick up the vehicle. He tells Mary that he did not order a vehicle from her. When Mary tells him about the fax, he realizes what happened and tells her that he had sent it by accident and that he never intended to agree to the contract. She says “Too bad, we have a deal – I have already ordered another vehicle to replenish my stock”.

Assume that you are Bob’s legal adviser and that he has asked you for legal advice. Advise him as what contractual liability, if any, he has in the above circumstances, citing relevant statute and case law authority, using the ILAC format.
This assessment item will allow you to demonstrate your ability to
engage in legal research;
identify the legal issues arising out of novel factual situations, to analyse the applicable law and to differentiate between which rules are applicable and which are not and then apply the law to the problem;
explain and summarise the applicable law in such a way as to create a report for a client which states what liabilities arise from novel factual situations
And more specifically
your knowledge of the law of contract formation and the law relating to factors affecting the validity of contracts
your ability to undertake an assessment task relevant to the workplace and professional practice.

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You Are To Create A Blog On The Subject Interact Site That Addresses The Following Two (2) Related Areas:

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You are to create a blog on the subject Interact site that addresses the following two (2) related areas:

Firstly, research the usability principles that can be used to evaluate user interfaces and compare two sets of heuristic rules;

You may consider the following existing heuristics:
Norman’s Usability guidelines ( ),
Tognazzini’s Principles of Interaction Design ( ),
Schneiderman’s golden rules ( ), or
Selway’s Ten Principles of Simplicity ( ).
Secondly, you are to find a museum web site. First go to different pages of the web site that provides various details. Then, without proceeding fully through to payment, attempt to purchase tickets online to visit the museum in a future date. Use one set of the usability principles you chose for the first part of this assignment, to evaluate the customer experience of booking a room on this site.

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Please Complete The Below Quiz Of 22 Questions Read The Directions Carefully.

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Choose the correct translation.


This is my father. He is wearing a green tie.


A. Esta es mi padre. Lleva una verde corbata.


B. Este es su Padre. Está llevando una corbata verda.


C. Este es mi padre. Está llevando una corbata verde.


D. Esto es mi padre. Lleva una corbata corbata.


This is her son. His name is Rico.


A. Este es mi hijo. Se llama es Rico.


B. Este es su niño. Su llama Rico.


C. Este es su hijo. Se llama Rico.


D. Este es sus hijo. Su nombre llama Rico.


The child is sick. She is cold.


A. La niña es enferma. Es fría.


B. La niña está enfermo. Tiene fría.


C. La niña está enferma. Tiene frío.


D. La niña es emferma. Es frío.


My mother is blond. She is tired.


A. Su madre es rubia. Es cansada.


B. Mi madre está rubia. Está cansada.


C. La madre es rubia. Estoy cansada.


D. Mi madre es rubia. Está cansada.


We are eating dinner outside.


A. Estamos cenando afuera.


B. Están cenando afuera.


C. Estamos cenando adentro.


D. Estamos cenamos afuera.


I work at a school in the morning.


A. Trabajo a la escuela en la mañana.


B. Trabajo en una escuela por la mañana.


C. Trabaja en una escuela por la tarde.


D. Trabajo a una escuela por la noche.


The children have an egg and are eating it.


A. Los niños comen el huevo.


B. Los niños tienen un huevo y comen.


C. Los niños tienen un huevo y lo están comiendo.


D. Los niños están un huevo y lo tienen comiendo.


We read after having lunch.


A. Leemos antes de almorzar.


B. Leyendo después de almorzamos.


C. Leemos después de almorzar.


D. Leemos antes de almorzamos.


Choose the answer that completes the phrase.


 _______viene antes de diecis?is.


A. diecicinco


B. diecisiete


C. quince


D. catorce


_______viene despu?s de doce.


A. tres


B. trece


C. once


D. uno


Fill in with the correct words in the correct order for Spanish. Make sure the words agree with the gender/number of the


nouns given. (Don’t include the el/la/los/las) EXAMPLE: black ties = corbatas negras


purple belts 


gray-haired grandpa 


blue school 


blond sisters 


Tired mothers 


Choose the correct missing word to complete the sentence.


 Quince es___________de catorce.


A. pero


B. después


C. cuando


D. antes


Choose the logical answer to the question.


¿Cómo está Usted?


A. Estamos bien.


B. Tengo 33 años.


C. Me llamo Carlita.


D. Estoy bien, gracias.


¿Dónde están tus hijos?


A. Estoy en la escuela.


B. Mi hija está enferma.


C. Tus hijos están el la sala de estar.


D. Mis hijos están en el comedor.


Choose the most logical greeting for the given time of day.


1:35 p.m.


A. Buenos días.


B. Buenas noches.


C. Buenas tardes.


D. Buenos mediodías.


Choose the logical reason for the given sentence.


Los hombres están en la cocina.


A. Están enfermos.


B. Tienen frío.


C. Tienen hambre.


D. Están cansados.


El abuelo está en el hospital.


A. No está bien.


B. No está enfermo.


C. Tiene sed.


D. Est? cansado.


Choose the correct Spanish for the given sentence.


I have shoes but I am not wearing socks.


A. Tengo zapatos pero no llevo corbatas.


B. Tengo calcetines pero no estoy llevando zapatos.


C. Soy zapatos pero no soy llevando calcetines.


D. Tengo zapatos pero no estoy llevando calcetines.


D. Trabajo a una escuela por la no

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The most important character in this excellent comedy by Goldsmith is Marlow

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The most important character in this excellent comedy by Goldsmith is Marlow. This is because he is the one and only character who is willing to make the decision to marry based on nothing except his emotions. When he “courts” Kate, whom he believes to be nothing more than a barmaid, he gradually comes to fall in love with her, and when pressed by her in Act V, declares that love, saying that he will marry her no matter what her connections and her lack of a dowry. Note what he says:
There is of course an irony in this speech, as Marlow sees Kate for the dignified well-brought up lady that she actually is, yet what distinguishes Marlow from everybody else is that he is not swayed by money or by connections. An important theme in this play is marriage and the way that Goldsmith satirises it to be the social contract that it was in his day rather than anything to do with emotions. Note how reluctant Constantine is to marry without her jewels. By contrast, Marlow is willing to marry a barmaid because of his emotions alone, which makes him the most important character simply because he is so honest. In a play that is all about hypocrisy and appearances vs. reality, honesty is a virtue indeed.

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There Are Three Reasons For The Hilarious Scene At The Begin

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There are three reasons for the hilarious scene at the beginning of Act II when Marlow and Hastings converse with Mr. Hardcastle believing him to be an innkeeper who has ideas above his station. Firstly, there is immense humour in this scene, which relates to the theme of appearances vs. reality that is so predominant in this play. Marlow and Hastings believe that Mr. Hardcastle is an innkeeper, whereas actually he is the owner of the house and Marlow’s future daughter-in-law. Thus to have Marlow ignore him and to treat him dismissively as if he were a servant is hilarious. Note the kind of request that Marlow makes of Mr. Hardcastle:
To demand a glass of punch (not the refined drink that Marlow would be expected to drink in fine company) was definitely rude as Marlow is, of course, treating Mr. Hardcastle as if he were a servant.
Secondly, and to support the theme of appearances vs. reality. Mr. Harcastle has been led to believe that Marlow is shy and retiring. This of course is completely at odds with his current behaviour, as Mr. Hardcastle observes:
Of course, Marlow is not being “modest” at all, and this irony is a chief source of humour as the true nature of Marlow is something that both Mr. Hardcastle and his daughter, Kate, have to discern in the rest of the play.
Lastly, this scene exposes the class system in England at the time and the ways in which the upper classes treated those below them. The accident of birth has always been such a massive indicator of the life chances an individual will have, and the class system in England is something that undeniably is one of the most famous examples of this. Goldsmith may not have originally intended to critique the class system through this scene, but the modern day audience certainly is very aware of this alternative reading.

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Jude’s Romantic And Idealisticapproach To Life Is Most Evide

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Jude’s romantic and idealisticapproach to life is most evident in the way that he stubbornly pursues his dream of becoming a renowned scholar at Christminster.The circumstances of his life make this virtually impossible; his poor, rural background counts against him and he gets no encouragement from the academics at Christminster yet he never gives up this dream. It would have been better, certainly more practical, for him to just have settled down to the job that he is able to do, that of being a mason. His entanglement with women also contributes to his downfall, of course. Being shy and romantic,he tends to idealise them, and fails to recognize their true natures until it is too late. He should never have married Arabella at all, her nature is so coarse and so completely different from his own, but he doesn’t see this at first,and she ends up dominating him and making him miserable. Even with Sue, whoseideas aremore compatible with his own, he ultimately fails. He is constantly perplexed by her even when he is infatuated with her, and in the end she too is unable to live up to his exalted expectations and deserts him, leaving him to fall into the clutches of Arabella once more.
Judeis beaten down by the failure of all his dreams and dies young,so in this waywe can say that hisromantic idealistic approach to lifedoes causemost of hisproblems.At the same time, we can applaud him for having dared to dream, and we can also point the finger of blame at society for not having allowed him more opportunities in his life, most of all the chance toachieve hisdreamof becoming well-educated.

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From your question, we cannot be completely clear as to what the problem is. I assume that either your school administration does not want you and your friends to sit together or they do not want to allow you to continue sitting together past a certain time

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From your question, we cannot be completely clear as to what the problem is. I assume that either your school administration does not want you and your friends to sit together or they do not want to allow you to continue sitting together past a certain time. In either case, there are some general guidelines you will want to follow.
First, it is extremely important that you find out the principals reasoning for trying to prevent what you and your friends want to do. If you simply write to the principal complaining of injustice you are not likely to get a good result. Instead, you will need to find out what the principal is thinking as he/she surely has a rationale for the rule.
Second, once you have found out what the rationale is, write a letter that shows why that rationale is flawed. You need to show the principal that the concerns that led to the rule are not valid. If the principal says you cannot sit together because you might create a discipline problem, you could say that you and your friends do not cause discipline problems. You might promise to break up your group without complaint if you ever do cause a problem.
In other words, the most important thing to do is to address the principals specific concerns rather than simply complaining that you are being treated unfairly.
Outside of that, you should remember to write respectfully and formally. You should not criticize the principal but rather seek to set out your own view on the issue. You should not complain but rather make a request that is based on logic. Remember to proofread so that you will not have a bunch of spelling mistakes or other errors. You will be more persuasive if you sound as if you have put a lot of thought and effort into your letter.

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For Whitman, The Reinvention Or Invention Of Self Is To Tran

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For Whitman, the reinvention or invention of self is to transform how one sees the notion of self. Whitman does not see the self as isolated from a larger contingent. He does not see the individual as divorced from a social fabric. The poem is one in which Whitman embraces this notion of self as one that is inseparable from conditions that transform identities, move past time, and makes the individual identify with truly cosmic forces:
This notion of self is one of invention and reinvention. The self is linked with the “Crowds of men and women attired in the usual costumes” or with the “smallest sights and hearingson the walk in the street, and the passage over the river;” or with the ferry’s “look on the river and sky.” For Whitman, the notion of the self’s identity is one that is connected with so much of which the ferry’s experience is a part. There is an immediate identification of the self with elements larger than oneself, a convergence and divergence in these elements that force the individual to see themselves as a part of a larger experience broadening connection to people and experiences. It is this notion of self in which Whitman sees reinvention for both himself and others who embrace such a varied notion of identity and being in the world.

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