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Hi there, this is Integrated business project subject. I have to make a research proposal base on any company in Australia. I am thinking about Kmart to be my company but if you have any other company that easier then Kmart please let me know. It is because this assignment just for the Introduction. You only have to write the Introduction part and please make a business slide in ppt for me about what you write on the proposal (6 slides).


The research proposal is an important stepping stone and decides on the quality of your research. It needs to be convincing and comprehensive. There are four main questions that you need to address, for the purpose of your research proposal for this subject, your proposal should comprise of 3 to 5 pages and needs to include a research schedule. The schedue aims at demonstrating that all necessary steps or items to be performed are included and sufficient time allocated. The research schedule needs to demonstrate that the research project is feasible to be completed within the given time.

For the purpose of this schedule, it is suggested that you use a Gantt Chart. Find an example of a Gantt Chart on the internet

(Just give any time frame)


Structure of your Research Proposal

Here is   a guideline to structuring your research proposal , which is related to the four question discussed before, namely:


1) What will you research?

Here you need to include the broad research topic and also the specific research questions that you aim to answer with your reseach.


2) Why will you do the research?

You need to justify your research topic and your research questions. Explain why your topic is important NOW and why you are interested in this topic.


3) What is the duration of your research? 

When discussing the duration of your research you need to provide details of the research methodology and include the research schedule. The duration of your research is important as it will require resources to be availble, i.e. usually a budget and people who conduct the research.


4) What do you hope to achieve with your research?

You should have a clear idea of the outcome of your research and what you hope to achieve.





For the research project students need to complete four assessments that are interdependent build on each other. Assessments need to be presented in writing and as a business presentation. There is no final examination for this subject!


Item Due date Weighting Length
Research Proposal andBusiness Presentation Week 4 20% 3 pages, 10 minutesPresentation
Literature Review Week 9 15 % 4-5 pages minimum
Presentation of Findings Week 12 15% 15 – 20 minutespresentation
Research Report Week 13 50% Minimum of 25 pages

Assessment criteria


As you can see its just the introduction.

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