This Paper Is A Minimum Of 2000-Words And A Maximum Of 3000-Words. Class Research Projects Focus Is Early Warning Systems In Criminal Justice

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Subject: Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) /task assignment

Case Study Research/Writing Guide

This paper is a minimum of 2000-words and a maximum of 3000-words. Class research projects focus is Early Warning Systems in criminal justice. The researcher must examine who, what, when, where, why, and how of the policy and procedures of Early Warning Systems are determined, implemented, and contribute to the mission of ethical conduct in a local or state law enforcement agency.

Task assigned.

Define the task- what is it? What is the history of EWS? What is the role of EWS?

Why is EWS Important for law enforcement agencies and law enforcement officers?

What did you expect to find in your assigned agency?

Name of site; visits; emails; phone conversations.

How did you go about preparing for this research? How did you contact the agency? What was the result? What roadblocks did you run into? What was the attitude of the people you talked to? Who did you talk to? What did you learn from the agency? How did you collect your data?

If the agency has a policy and procedure critically analyze it? What is missing (if anything)? What would you change? How is the policy enforced? What do patrol officers think of the policy? What innovations or lack of innovations did you find? Exhibits: attach a copy of the policy and procedure if available (does not count toward you total word count). When did the agency start an EWS and has it changed over the years?

If the agency does NOT have a policy and procedure, offer to help write a draft policy for them. Include your draft with your paper. Provide a copy of a draft to your point of contact. What feedback did you receive from the effort?

Close- how do you rate the professionalism of the department, the people you spoke with, the efforts for transparency in the agency, and the leadership of the agency? Would you work for this agency? Why or why not?

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