This book review was about global bollywood and its importance in Hindi song and dance.

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Assignment 9 response

This book review was about global bollywood and its importance in Hindi song and dance.
The authors Sangita Gopal and Sujata Moorti explained the anthology Global Bollywood and
its epistemological schema. They point out two points about the principles of Bollywood song
and dance. First is that Hindi film and music has always been linked to other world cinemas and
musical forms as stated in the book review. Several music forms that they say are linked to Hindi
culture are western classical music, rock, disco, and bebop. Furthermore, what I found interesting
is the link between Israeli culture and Hindi music and dance. From the text, it is said that in Israeli culture,
Bollywood music is held at a high standard and that it is quintessential in terms of harmony and stability.
The second point that the article states is that Global Bollywood has had an economical side to it.
“The consumption and development” of Hindi song and dance has always been a huge factor for contributors to look upon.

Assignment 10 response

This reading was about how postmodernism effects Bollywood dance and music. From this reading I learned that Postmodernism
has a negative effect on all traditional dances “in the sphere of commercial dancing”. As shown in Bollywood culture, they depict
this as a meaningless dance form and culture. Used as an example, the reading gives us a anecdote of how a Dance professor refuses
to assign or assess her student’s work because she felt that her students should be given the liberty of learning about dance culture
on their own, to eventually create their own value and respect for dancing culture, essentially this just means that without assessment
dance will inevitably fall to its demise. Ultimately, this reading explains that although Bollywood culture in many ways is a reiteration of
traditional Indian dance form, those who are in charge of producing Bollywood products are more concerned with the economical part
of Bollywood, and in a sense this is a result of postmodernism.

post modernist bollywood

It is interesting seeing what different people consider art to be. Some consider art to be extremely formal and rigid like a
Renaissance painting or a classical ballet. These are thought of as ¡°art¡± because they follow strict rules and regulations.
However, on the other hand, there are people who believe that art can be anything as long as it is an expression of a passion.
For example, sitting in the middle of a room eating a bag of potato chips or a canvas completely painted red. In this reading,
the following question is brought up: what defines something as being dance performance? Is it the guidelines of traditional
dance or having choreography? Or maybe anything can be dance like the post-Modernist believe. These are interesting questions
to think about while watching a Bollywood dance performance. Bollywood dancers and choreographers are aware of traditional
Indian dances and they have still ¡°chosen rampant commercialism and consumerism with its inherent tastelessness.¡±
(Williams, 22) These dances are tailored to please audiences and take on the post modernist motto of ¡°anything goes¡±.

Female Sexuality and Expectations

Bollywood has been a medium in which women can be portrayed in sexual natures not formerly allowed via nationalist values.
Nijhawan describes the traditional scripts as portraying the female role as “Indian myths and discourse do not write of dancing women
as especially ¡®bad¡¯ or ¡®wrong,¡¯ but rather undomesticated, either because of their ¡®nature¡¯ or through force of circumstance.”
Dancing skill is attributed to a sexual nature rather than love. Many mythical stories have been warped to change the previous prominence of
a female character and insert a more sexualized connotation. Such as in the role of the devadasi. The control of the female sexual narrative speaks
volumes as to how gender roles are, and we should question them as people who intake the product of such narratives.

As a feminist with a particularly strong moral code, I find this control over the female narrative due to institutionalized patriarchy to be disgusting.
I understand tradition, however, young women should have people to look up to who embody tradition but are not degraded to such low sexual
innuendos. I see this problem not only in India but also Korean dramas as well. I don’t find the plots interesting and I won’t put my money towards it.

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