Solved: Welcome to HCA403- Healthcare Financial Management!!

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Welcome to HCA403-  Healthcare Financial Management!!

General news and announcements


The focus of the course is on financial planning; budgeting; and managing Medicaid, Medicare, and health maintenance organizations including capitalization, fee-for service, indemnity, and premium and membership assessment for managed care organizations. This course also develops knowledge and skills about small business planning, staffing, organizing, and financing.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
•    Use elements of financial management in addressing healthcare finance issues.
•    Communicate financial information to others in the healthcare field using standard, approve language.
•    Demonstrate accurate recording of financial operations.
•    Use tools to analyze financial operations.
•    Construct a budget for a healthcare facility.
•    Use a SWOT analysis as a financial tool.


All students are expected to participate in the discussions.

The initial discussion post must be posted by midnight Wednesday.  After this time it is considered late.   

Responses to NO less than two classmates, are due by midnight Sunday.

Failure to participate in a timely manner could potentially result you missing vital information that could assist you as you progress, not only in this course, but other courses as well.

Late Assignments

Please see the late policy.  This policy will strictly be adhered to!

All work not completed timely each week is subject to a 10% PER DAY deduction in points!!!  

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