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Electronic Health Records

Rachel Urvina

Rasmussen College









This paper is being submitted on April 16, 2016 for Natasha Cauley, H310 Foundations of Managed Care




A current issue dealing with managed care is the issue of electronic health records. Many organizations use the electronic health record as a means of organizing data and information about a patient (Lee, 2011). This utilizes the emerging information technology. The main purpose of these systems is to meet the various needs of safe, readily available and retrievable information by the health care providers, the patients and their beneficiaries. This is a current issue and it implementation in the health care organizations involves many parameters and it is also very complex. There are many issues regarding its usability and effects on managed care. Research regarding this issue will be beneficial and useful to address the questions regarding its usability.

Currently, the electronic health record is being used by about 11% of hospitals in the nation and by about 12% of physicians nationwide. The health care industry and the government are key promoters of the records system as a means to improve patient care and to control costs. The current President of the United States, Barrack Obama has made this issue on of his main agenda and he wants to ensure that the investment necessary to make sure that all the medical records in America are computerized in the few coming years goes through.

However, with the current advancements in globalization, the EHR is highly not likely to advance in the coming five years. Industry advances, governmental advance and technical advance will drive EHR to the medical providers. Electronic Health Record system refers to a digital patient health information record that is generated my more than one encounters in the setting of care delivery (Lee, 2011). The EHR contains patients’ information regarding their demographics, medications, problems, past medical history, radiological report, vital signs and laboratory data.



Lee, A. (2011). Improving the adoption of electronic health record in the US—Lessons from the UK, Denmark, and Canada. Public Health Capstone Course Report. Michigan State University.



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