Respond by pointing out either 2 weaknesses with this post or add 2 additional supporting points. 300 words, apa format and only 1 citation please.

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Respond by pointing out either 2 weaknesses with this post or add 2 additional supporting points. 300 words, apa format and only 1 citation please.

Question #2: Compare and contrast criminal justice organizations with nonprofit organizations. The idea that criminal justice organizations and nonprofit organizations have similarities may seem to be disassociated if viewed from a narrow perspective. However, a closer look at the dynamics of how the two entities are structured and how they are purposed reveals a significantly comparative association.

Nonprofit organizations by definition operate under the premise that they are not operating to create revenue that will be distributed to owners or shareholders. Nonprofit does not mean that the organization is not attempting or desires to revenue. Revenue generated is hoped for and will be used to further the mission of the organization.

Police organizations are not purposed for the creation of revenue. However, many of the functions conducted by law enforcement agencies create revenue. The issuance of traffic citations may generate revenue, even though the revenue is created by the citation, the funds will be placed in the city or county general fund to be used as designated by the budget process.

The seizure of property or funds related to criminal investigations may produce funds in great excess. However, these funds will not necessarily by earmarked for the agency the issued the citations or seized the assets. The structure of the two entities may share similarities as well. Each will usually have a chief executive that is responsible for the administration of organization. Also, depending on the size and the number of employees, there may be various supervisory levels responsible for meeting the mission. Unlike police agencies, there is little likelihood that a nonprofit will operate in a paramilitary manner. Perhaps the clearest differentiation between nonprofits and law enforcement organizations is in the area of membership. Nonprofits, such as the Boy Scouts of America,

may place membership constraints and parameters based of certain social issues that a law enforcement agency may not. The example provide in the text by Riccucci (2012), explains the relationship between nonprofits and swearing an oath to God. The impact on the Boy Scouts is that they may continue to have their oath but government sponsorship of them is disallowed. Both law enforcement organizations and nonprofit organizations achieve funding for their budgets from an oversight entity. In the case of the law enforcement agency,

a city council or city manager will approve funds for the budget. Nonprofit organizations will have their budgets approved by a governing board. “A non-profit organization’s governing board should review and adopt an annual budget prior to the start of each fiscal year” (NCDHHS, 2008, p.1)

References (2008). Fiscal non-profit administration. North Carolina Health and Human Services (Budget). Retrieved from Riccucci, N. M. (2012). Public personnel management: Current concerns, future challenges (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Longman Publishers. ISBN 9780205012671

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