Managing Recuritment and Selections Sample paper

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Managing Recuritment and Selections  Sample paper

Managing Recuritment and Selections  Sample paper

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The human resource department in any organization plays a very vital role in ensuring that the organizations have enough and able staffs to perform the required and necessary operation on a daily basis. With the increasing awareness of the importance of labor force in the organizations, the human resource officers are keen to recruit individuals who are not only qualified but also can adapt to the organization culture and structure easily. Through proper recruitment, the organization can get the best out of the best to make them an important asset to the organization and thus work as a team towards the achievement of the organization goals and objectives.   Recruitment and recruitment process involves the process of attracting and choosing candidates for a position in an organization for employment. However, different organizations have different recruitment and selection preprocesses based on the policies adopted by the organization.  There is the need for the organization to have a stable policy that provides the guidelines necessary for the hiring to increase efficiency and consistency in hiring and retention of workers. Some of the basic steps in recruitment and selection include identification of the vacancy and evaluation of the need for a new worker as well as the development of a recruitment plan (Sparrow, 2007). This essay will attempt to analyze challenges that are faced by organizations during the recruitment process, provide alternatives as well as developing a recruitment plan.

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Different companies have different recruitment and selection policies depending on the organizational culture and structure. However, the most common methods include internal, external, third – party sourcing, interviewing and candidate selection. However, despite how good a policy may be, the recruitment policy faces some challenges that make it difficult for the recruitment panel to get the best candidate. Below are some of the challenge that is experienced by the recruiting officers as they go about their duties.

Internal challenges

  1. Shortage of qualified and experienced recruiters

The recruitment process in any organization is very crucial and important as it provides a new opportunity to inject new blood into the organization. Thus, there is a need for any organization to have their best and qualified recruiters on their toes so that they can capture all the important details about the candidates to make a sound decision. However, most of the times, you find that organization has no talented recruiters who can help them capture the best talents in the world as they do not have the necessary skills and knowledge on how to conduct a meaningful and relevant interview before selecting an individual.

  1. The hiring speed………………………..Order this paper here

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