Facts: Is Trump a Good Golfer?

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Trump playing golf

Who is a Good Golfer?

If you shoot 100 for 18-holes, then you’re an average golfer. The Nation Golf Foundation statistics show that only 26% of all golfers shoot below 90 constantly for an 18-hole course. 45% of the golfers have an average of more than 100 strokes in every round.

How good is Trump in playing Golf?

Yes, He is Good in Golf. President Trump has constantly recorded scores of about mid 70’s to the mid 80’s and this makes him a good golfer. Trump is recognized as the best-golfing president ahead of J.F Kennedy and Eisenhower. He has won 19 club championship and the funny part of it is that he has doesn’t boast of this great achievement. Whether these accolades were in the championship flight or lower flights, the win is impressive. The President can participate in more tournaments because he got multiple memberships and clubs.

What is Trump’s Golf Handicap?

Trump Handicap is a 2.8 that places him highly or in the 95th percentile among all global golfers that have a handicap.

What Golf bag does Trump use?

I have heard people asking about the golf bag that the President uses? Just to answer you, he is currently using a TaylorMade Golf Bag for his game. For a person in a budget, there are cheap golf bags that cost under 100. Read a detailed review of Golf bags under 100 for a person on a budget.

But does the President cheats while playing golf?

It cannot be ascertained if Trump cheats while golfing. Nonetheless, Ernie Els and Suzzan Pettersen have commented on the President’s lose connection with the rules of the gentleman’s game. The lack of ethics and following rules in golf is a sign of cheating but am not saying he cheats as there is no enough evidence to support the allegations. Since golfing is self-officiated, a person should have a sense of ethics and he should not in any way write down an incorrect score or commit other atrocities.

It has been said that Trump has a good swing and is better in long drive and weak on the short games. How does he cheat in this situation? It has been said that he ensures that he gets to his ball first and amazingly, the ball is always in a good position (his ball makes to the green) and it is never in a rough surface.

How has Trump changed his Golfing since he became the US President?

The President has not been practicing or playing regularly. The fact is that if you don’t practice, you don’t become any better. Also, if you don’t submit any cards or enter into competitions, your score stays the same. Additionally, he may not have the same strength he had when he was 40 and would play and practice regularly.

Final Thought

Trump is a good golfer better than any other US president and above an average golfer. He has won 19 tournaments and this proves that he is not an average player. The article has highlighted important questions about Trump and Golf.


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