HSA 510 Assignment 4 – Different and Equal or Different and Better

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The United States’ President Barack Obama and Congress changed the health care system in America with the enactment of the “Affordable Care Act” of 2010. The Act went under much scrutiny and was deemed constitutional for the most part by the Supreme Court. One of the areas of contention surrounding this bill was the perceived impact this bill would have on a democratic market-driven society. Some argue the bill has not gone far enough and needs to be more universal in its coverage and reach. Such groups postulate that other nations have better health care system models that should have been adopted.


Write eight to ten (8-10) pages paper in which you:


  1. Select a country that has universal health care system provided by that country and provide some background information on this country.
  2. Compare the common features of that health care model to the health care system of the U.S.
  3. Compare the differences between the two (2) systems and identify the main contributing factor for the difference.
  4. Evaluate the effect of this system on the GDP of the foreign nation.


Further details are hidden..

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