HSA 300 (Strayer) – All Discussions (Week 1 – Week 11)

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 Week 1 – DQ’s 

DQ 1: Discuss the impact that one group of health care stakeholders as identified……….

DQ 2: Discuss why a mission statement is important to a transformational culture…….

Week 2 – DQ’s 

DQ 1: “Leadership”

DQ 2: “Accountability and Corporate Design”

Week 3 – DQ’s 

DQ 1: Discuss one of the functions of a governing board…..

DQ 2: Discuss how one of the functions of a clinical organization….

Week 4 – DQ’s

DQ 1: Discuss the physician credentialing and …..

DQ 2: Describe the role of nurses in ensuring excellence….

Week 5 – DQ’s

DQ 1: Discuss how a Clinical Support Service….

DQ 2: Approach to Clinical Support Services

Week 6 – DQ’s

DQ 1: “Community Health”

DQ 2: Explain how you would use one of the measures in Exhibit 9.6 of the text book….

Week 7 – DQ’s

DQ 1: “Performance Measure”

DQ 2: Discuss how the Human Resources Department contributes…..

Week 8 – DQ’s

DQ 1: “Healthcare Organization”

DQ 2: “Mercy Hospital”

Week 9 – DQ’s

DQ 1: Review Exhibit 14.1 n our text book…..

DQ 2: Hospitals need to use evidenced management to make….

Week 10 – DQ’s

DQ 1: “Strategy”

DQ 2: “Listening”

Week 11 – DQ’s

DQ 1: “Course Conclusion”

DQ 2: “Course Summary”


The details of the question are hidden…



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