Cultural Transformations of the Sixties

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HST/175 Week 2 Assignment

Cultural Transformations of the Sixties

Select and complete one of the following assignments:


Option 1: The Dinner Party Script

Option 2: 1960s Time Capsule Presentation


Option 1: The Dinner Party Script

Imagine that you have been hired by Sonic Pictures to write a script of a scene in their new upcoming movie, The Transformative Sixties. The scene takes place at a dinner party at a New York socialite’s home. Your scene includes a conversation at a large table with attendees from various backgrounds.


Part 1:


  1. Select 2 people from the attendees list below who will be seated at the table in your scene.
Attendees List


John F. Kennedy Martin Luther King Betty Friedan
Lyndon Johnson A freedom rider Student from SNCC
  Malcom X Cesar Chavez


  1. Select 2 events from the events list.
Events List


Kennedy’s social and economic policy March on Washington (1963) Feminine Mystique
The Great Society Greensboro Sit-ins National Organization for Women (NOW)
Cuban Missile Crisis Freedom Rides  
Bay of Pigs Civil Rights Act of 1964  
Vietnam (The Tet-68 Offensive) Black Power  


  1. Research the people and events you have selected and start to visualize the scene.


  1. Complete the matrix below. List the 2 attendees and the 2 events you have chosen. In the significance column, provide 2-3 sentences about the historical significance of the attendee/event. Add a reference for the research material you used in the reference column.


Person Significance Reference
Event Significance Reference



Part 2: Write a 525- to 1,050-word script that represents a conversation between the two attendees you selected. The attendees should discuss the two events you chose from the list. Use the template provided with the suggested word counts for each section. Be sure to include specific historical details from your research.



The Transformative Sixties

[Scene title]

written by [Your name]



Scene: [set up your scene: who, what, where, and when; this should be about 100-150 words]


Dialogue [about 700 to 1,050 words]


Character 1:


Character 2:



Summarize and end the scene: [100-150 words]








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