Creating a Counseling Plan for a Case Study

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The following topics, specifically related to the chosen case study, must be addressed in your plan:

– Assessment of sexuality (of the individuals involved in the selected case study relationship).
– Assessment of the dynamics of the relationship.
– Multi-axial diagnostic impression of the client in question.
– Integration of the sexual disorder in the case study with the sexual response cycle.

– Critical analysis and comparison of the sexual response cycle and the concept of sexual normality as applied to the case study.
– Creation of three measurable goals for treatment.
– If applicable, a discussion of how sexual orientation issues may have influenced the sexual dysfunction and the overall dynamics of relationship.
– Critical explication and assessment of evidence-based systemic counseling interventions for the sexual dysfunction presented in the case study you chose.
— Explain what techniques a counselor would use to help this client and couple.
— Evaluate biological, cultural, and psychological factors related to sexual issues in the case study.
— Incorporate ethical and culturally-relevant approaches to treating any sexual issues presented in the case study.

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