Congress woman Eddie Bernice Johnson, is a representative in the 30th district of Texas. Mrs. Johnson, studied at St.

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ccccc  Mary’s college, and later became a psychiatric nurse in Texas.   And is the 1st nurse elected to the U.S. Congress (ANA,   2017). Mrs. Johnson, has supported and sponsored healthcare in many   ways, one of which is H.R. 379, National Nurse Act of 2015. H.R. 379,   is to help bring preventive health forward to the public, and help   with addressing health disparities, and set a goal for better health   for the public (National Nurses, 2017). The National Nurse Act of   2015, gives the opportunity for nurses to discuss health and health   care in America to millions about prevention, along with advocating to   set new standards for more recognition of nurses, and the importance   they serve in healthcare in the United States (National Nurses, 2017).

In promoting such healthcare changes and supporting nurses in   preventing conditions such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, and   substance abuse with activities in the community set out by the nurses   that server there, can help decrease future healthcare cost, and give   better quality of life to those we serve (National Nurses, 2017). The   responsibilities of the national nurse for public health is to ensure   and promote public safety, and prepare for emergencies, and with   people such as Mrs. Johnson advocating and pushing for nurses serving   in an more active role, we can achieve great things.

Mrs. Johnson, is a long-term advocate for improved psychiatric   treatment, and has helped support and sponsor the H.R. 2646, called   the Helping Families in Mental Crisis Act of 2015. It takes leaders of   all levels to improve the nation’s mental healthcare system, and   promote changes (NAMI, 2016). H.R. 2646, accommodates different   perspectives on issues of mental healthcare, which includes crisis   response services, grants to track inpatient beds, promote early   intervention, and support integration of mental health (NAMI, 2016).


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