3000 Words Excluding References And Appendix , On Recent Performance On Private Bank I.E JP MORGAN

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3000 words excluding references and appendix , On recent performance on private bank i.e JP MORGAN

Its should Cover the following

  1. The main features of the market ( Market target your selected bank )
  2. The financial features of the private bank – Financial Figures and comment on the performance
  3. Products and services that the bank offer ( Evalute ) – Less words
  4. Past and future strategy ( Analyse in detail )

you may include some background information ( Economic / political / historical ) , sufficient to enable the reader to fully uderstand the main body of the report , but try to make your report contemporary and forward loking .


important note –

>>>.>>>> ( QUATE )

<<<<<<< ( Analysis on our bank )




Combine the world wide / bank performance

Benchmarks ( CIR – Cost income ratio )

Unique FActors and thier relevence

Journal references ( MORE ) and autheticated financial websites and blogs for anylsis

Structure –

Introduction ( Brefie ) -200 words


  1. Introduction. 1
  2. Private Banking. 1
  3. Bank of Singapore. 2

3.1.      Market2

3.2.      Financial Strength of Bank of Singapore. 5

3.3.      Products and Services. 6

3.4.      Past and Future Strategy. 8

  1. Conclusion. 9


References. 10


Some – references by lecturer

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